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Why Do Unzipped Pants Make Us So Damn Uncomfortable? Rakul Preet Singh’s Shaming Is Idiotic

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Seems like everything related to celebrities offends people these days. With social media at its peak and everyone behaving like the moral police, nothing escapes people’s notice. Good thing, you would think. Celebrities would disagree. They seem to be getting the worst of this deal. While having a large Instagram following contributes to the star power of a celeb, it also makes them vulnerable to mean, and often unjustified trolling. The newest celeb to end up in the ever increasing pile of ‘celebrities unnecessarily dragged into a social media controversy’Β  is Rakul Preet Singh and we think this is a bit much.

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The De De Pyaar De actress is quite active on Instagram and with over 8m followers, she is already an established influencer even before her first Bollywood film. She uses Instagram page to showcase any and all of her promotional looks, concept shoots and lifestyle. One of her recent posts, though, has attracted unwarranted attention from her followers.

Sharing a picture from a photo shoot, the actress is styled in a lacy bralette and unzipped jeans. While what we see is an aesthetic shoot with styling choices made by the people involved, others saw something that offended their sensibilities (of course!). Her page was flooded with degrading comments about her choice to pose in unzipped pants. The comments were particularly aimed at a hashtag she used, #GirlPower.

Shaming the actress on her use of the hashtag, the comments were quick to call it ‘vulgar’ and ‘shameful’. The commenters argued about how an open zip is too provocative to be tagged with girl power. That the picture uses fashion to showcase nudity. Oh come on!

Here’s the thing. Photoshoots are about experimenting – with clothes, themes, styling – and this is probably one of those creative decisions. We can also attest to the fact that hashtags are often used to increase reach and visibility rather than being related to the image. Rakul’s unwarranted shaming for this post is totally unnecessary. We bet the picture has nothing to do with #Believe and #Gratitude either, hashtag the actress also used on this post.

Rakul’s unzipped jeans reminded us of another incident that happened a while ago. Back in 2009, Akshay Kumar walked the ramp at Lakme Fashion week and stopped near his wife, Twinkle Khanna, to allow her to unzip his jeans.

The incident caused an uproar, with both actors getting legal notices for the same and massive backlash from the public everywhere. The stunt didn’t go down well with the audience and it seems like that unzipped jeans gets our gut even now. Unzipped jeans have become a niche trend, with attendees at Coachella going for this laidback look. While in some parts of the world it is a harmless fashion choice, back home it is a topic of much chagrin.

Why are we still so uncomfortable with unzipped pants?


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