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These Celebrities Are Embracing Stripes With Every Kind Of Outfit And We Tell You How You Can Wear It

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Have you ever considered why some clothes are just naturally able to put you in better mood? Maybe it’s a favourite yellow top or a flattering fit of jeans that can match no other. It can also be sentimental, like, something that reminds you of your mother when you wear it. Clothes have the power to alter our mental state. It can be as simple as keeping us comfortable on a hot day while some are a direct extension of our personality. There are  so many ways clothes can be used to represent ourselves. While people have their own unique ways to do it, there are some popular styles that are instantly recognizable for what they stand for. A sundress might mean a woman is enjoying her day off on a hot summer afternoon…and a navy blue pantsuit can be adorned on a fabulous boss lady. These are the trends that never go out of vogue. They just take a different form. The year of 2019 also has some of these blockbuster trends, but none so effective as the classic stripes!

According to fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen,”people who love stripes are often good at multitasking, have a lot going on in their lives, and wear many hats. They can get overwhelmed, but it’s also indicative of someone who works well under pressure.” Sound familiar? The basic fact about stripes is that they are versatile. That is why we tend to see this pattern a lot. Having said that, stripes have indeed managed to monopolise every genre of clothing these days!

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The Retro Bikini

Anushka Sharma took us way back in time to the retro era of delicious candy striped bikinis on picturesque lush beaches! While the original bright red and white stripes bikini might be too “Taylor Swift”, the mix of citrus hues and pastel hues in Anushka’s pair is something we would definitely want to try out!

The Millennial Saree

Stripes on shirts and jumpsuits are all very familiar already. It is the emergence of the striped saree, in particular, that has gotten us so excited about the trend. Ace designers like Sabyasachi have been doing it for a while now. But the fact that we are seeing these fun stripes on younger labels and celebs is highly reassuring of its longevity. Nobody can go wrong in a striped drape, even if we fumble on our pleats, it will just look like an interesting detail. Now isn’t that convenient?

The Dressy Athleisure

Ever get the feeling that athleisure wear was invented just for the girls who wanna look sexy but but don’t want to compromise on comfort? We might never know! The striped pantsuit has been in vogue all summer. Rightly so, because it gives such a fun upgrade to the business-formal essential. But the trend seems to have moved on to the next best thing in a lazy girl’s closet. Stripes co-ordinates are one thing you can take from the break room at work, to the bar. And we are loving Mouni Roy’s version of stripe on stripe athleisure with heels!

Formal And Feminine

The reason why formal striped shirts are such a norm at the workplace is because they are so good in blurring the lines of gender. A blue striped shirt will look just as professional when paired with a pencil skirt as with smart trousers. But that can sometimes feel too rigid for women. Fortunately though, smart stripes mixed with feminine silhouettes is slowing becoming a thing now. We love Taapsee Pannu’s wrap jacket update to the striped A-line skirt. It’s so pretty!

What are some of your favourite trends from summer 2019? Let us now in the comments!

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