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#AskHauterfly: What Is The High-Fashion Hair Tuck?

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Have you ever been in an awkward situation where your hair gets stuck inside the back of your blouse? Well, next time around, do not remove it if you want to sport a Parisian-esque look. If you have spotted celebs such as Olivia Palermo, Ashley Olsen, and Gigi Hadid carrying off this style, then know that it is intentional and they didn’t do it because they’re entourage gave up on them. This mini hair hack is the perfect solution to all those bad hair days when dry shampoo cannot work its magic at all. So how does this effortless technique work?

This cosy, chic look actually requires the most minimal amount of work and equipment. I mean, doesn’t that sound perfect on one of those days your hair just doesn’t comply with you? All you need is a turtleneck or a slightly high neck top, tuck your locks into the back of it in a neat manner, leaving a few shorter strands peeping out and, voila! your tresses are ready to go!


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