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We Love You Kubbra ‘Kukoo’ Sait But This Outfit Looks Too Inspired By Frozen. It’s Unflattering

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Kubbra Sait is one of those rare actresses who marches to the beat of her own drums and we love her for that. Her controversial breakout role in Netflix’s Sacred Games was how we were introduced to this powerhouse performer. We also saw her in the role of a too-cool-for-school anchor in Gully Boy, which was perfect, given her experience of working as a TV Host. All this and the fact that she seems super chill herself, with a great sense of humour and impressive personal style.

From her makeup to hair and contemporary outfits, we love Kubbra’s penchant to match feminine vibes with stronger silhouettes. She can put on her best game face on, which is why we were confused about this recent outing from her:

At a recent event celebrating celebrity jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali’s book, Kubbra wore a sea blue satin off-shoulder number and sparkly shoes. Here’s the thing, she could have carried this off.  In theory, the sexy satin slip dress doesn’t sound bad but it really need to be styled right! The fit of the dress is nice but also something you could buy from a fancier Forever 21. It sits kind of wrong on her,  baggy on top and too snug in the bottom. The ruffles at the hem are somewhat life-saving, what with them being in fashion and all but then you see those block heels that cut her off the most unflattering length and the entire styling of the outfit falls flat.

There isn’t any saving grace in her hair and makeup as well. Kubbra owns a thick and healthy wavy-haired mane, which fell flat with this badly done straightening job. Her makeup looks off as well. The actress has beautiful and sharp features which do not need a lot of face beating with a blender in the first place. We bet she got decked up in a hurry, but we would have happily settled for one of the cute sets from her own closet as well, like this:

IMO, if a goddess like Kubbra can fumble on a look like this, us mere mortals stand no chance! Maybe it’s time for a new stylist? Someone who understands how to blend Kubbra’s androgynous style with her feminine features so that there are more glamorous moments like this in our feed.


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