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We Love You Anushka Sharma But Exactly What Is This Outfit You’re Wearing?

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On the daily, we watch Bollywood go about their way. No, really. Because of the paparazzi, we watch Bollywood go to the gym, come out of the gym, go the salon, step out of the salon, visit a friend, come out after visiting that friend. And the celebrities know that the paps are going to be around.

The celebs often indulge them, turning and posing for them and then sometimes, the stars ignore them and get frustrated with them. Understandably so. Because everything they get papped, comments are made about what they are wearing, who they were spotted with and whether it really works for them.

And while we don’t like to comment on the gym looks – heck, they can be naked and working out for all we care- there are times when we take a serious look at celebrity pictures. Like at award functions or when they are looking exceptionally good in a number that we think we would like potatoes in.

And that’s what we were doing , casually browsing through the pictures of what people wore to an awards event yesterday and we came across this picture of Anushka Sharma.

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Look, we are all for experiments. Heck, we even want Bollywood to think out of the box because they have been boring us with their style lately. But this look has us thoroughly confused. This is a number by Anamika Khanna that Anushka chose for her appearance at the Vogue X Nykaa The Power List 2019. Now, it’s different.

But do we like it? We can’t say we do. Is there a flag pole somewhere that’s missing it’s flag? Are those pants? Pleats? Is it some sort of saree? We aren’t sure. We could make educated guesses but we would be far from the truth, we imagine. And it’s not like the stylist decided to keep the rest of the outfit less busy.

While we were figuring this out, stacked rings on the fingers were added, a structured jacket was thrown in and to further overwhelm us all, there are big earrings on her. Oh and then there’s the a belt? A sling bag buried somewhere in there. We aren’t sure this qualifies as pretty.

Can we take a moment to appreciate her makeup though? It’s so on point. The skin looks flawless, the eyes are clean and yet look fabulous. We love.

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