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We Love Women Who Take Fashion Risks But Vidya Balan’s Pant Saree Has Us All Confused

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There’s nothing conventional about Vidya Balan. When everyone was tom-tomming the idea of size zero, she put on weight for her role in The Dirty Picture. When everyone was talking about movies led by men being amazing, she did a Kahaani and shut everyone up. And now, when everyone is holding on to their gowns with thigh-high slits with their dear life, she just sashayed up in a pant saree and we are loving her risk-taking side.

At Hauterfly, we love a woman who loves to takes risks- whether it’s with her career, relationships or with her fashion – and we get that it might not always pan out well. That’s why it’s called a risk, you don’t know which way it will go. So when Vidya Balan wore this saree, at first glance, we thought, ‘Interesting.’  But as we continued to look, we aren’t entirely sure we love. it.

It’s not like women are not wearing pant sarees, or sarees with pants- are they called something? But Vidya’s take on it is entirely new. We love the colour and that print, it’s giving us life. But then, the whole ensemble…hmm.

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We get that the entire feel of the garment is supposed to be flow-y and easy-going. Vidya nails that vibe perfectly. But then those pants with all that fabric and those pleats looking like they will bring home all the dirt from the streets have us thinking that perhaps this was not such a good idea after all.

A quick scan through the designer’s page and you will know that Aarti has a penchant for flow-y cuts and fabrics. There’s no waist-cinching stuff here, she makes the the kind of garments you can hang out in all day long.


We get that even with Vidya, she stuck to her aesthetic. But the look doesn’t come together. On the other hand, her make up and accessorising is absolutely on point and we love that.

Her nude makeup with strong brows and a lovely pink-y nude lips has our vote. We also love that ear cuff.

Overall, we love what she was going for, we don’t think it came together. We can’t wait to see what Vidya will serve up next.

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