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We Are Loving The Boho Chic Vibe Of These Outfits From Bunaai

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There are people who like dressing up. They enjoy it. They invest time and energy into figuring out their entire look. Like what shoes will go with what, what jewellery. I am that person that will put on the first thing that comes into my hand, run an iron over it if it’s looking particularly bad (by which I mean it’s looking more crumpled than a discarded love note) and then wing everything else. Basically, I am all for breezy, comfortable clothing that keeps me comfortable through the day. And of course, looks good but also fits well. Fine, I am a little demanding.

So when I came across this brand on Instagram, I was immediately intrigued. Particularly because their boho chic vibe speaks to my sensibilities. Say hello to Bunaai. Now, this is a website that has reasonably priced pieces that are fun and cool. We particularly enjoy the fact that the cuts and silhouettes are flattering to the Indian woman’s body. 

If you want something easy and breezy for an event, you might find your pick here! Peruse at your own risk. You might end up with a full cart.


Brown Little Dress (Rs 1499)


Yashvi Dendalion Cotton Dress (Rs 2100)

bunnai Blue Midi Dress

Blue Midi Dress ( 1299)

bunnai Balloon Sleeves Top

Balloon Sleeves Top (Rs 1099)

Dropcrotch With Shrug (Rs 1999) bunnai Dropcrotch With Shrug

Rain Lily Co-ord Set (Rs 2599) bunnai Rain Lily Cord Set

Indigo Off-Shoulder Dress (Rs 999)


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