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We Appreciate Kriti Sanon Sporting A Big Red Bindi But It Could Have Been Done In A Better Way

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Trivia Time: Contrary to popular belief, the red bindi transcends borders of just the Indian sub-continent. While it did originate among the Hindus and Jains of India, the adornment has been adopted among Balinese, Javanese, Malaysian, Singaporean and Burmese women as well. A similar mark can be seen on babies and children in China, representing the opening of the third eye. The ‘Bindu‘ is also centuries old, finding mentions in the Rigveda, it is considered as the point at which creation began and may become unity.

The bindi is one of many traditional shringaar elements that has stood the test of time. Indian women are still madly in love with this look and given its cultural and historical significance, we aren’t surprised. It is such a signature look and intrinsically desi, we can’t resist. A woman in a bindi is instantly noticeable and it helps us collect brownie points with our mums. The big red bindi especially holds dear to me, a true-blood bong, because it is something I have seen my mom not go a day without. It is also the first thing I associate with the image of Ma Durga, making it a pure and wholesome part of our beauty practices.

This is why Kriti Sanon in a big red bindi with her Rajesh Pratap Singh ethnic set left us torn in our appreciation of it. Honestly, we thought it’s one of those Photoshopped viral images that aim to shock, it is so distinct!

The adornment looks completely out of place with her beige and golden ensemble. There should be a seamless quality to creating a certain experimental look with makeup, which seems to be lost here. Colourful dots, including red, were heavily featured in doing up the models’ faces on the runway during the presentation of this particular collection. Obviously, it holds significance for the inspiration of these designs presented at the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week this year. This only goes to show the disconnect that exists when you are trying to bring runway looks to real life.

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We were also stymied by the comparatively modern makeup paired with the traditional bindi. There is nothing that complements the red on her face. Brown eye makeup, copper lips, and a little highlighter are not enough to accommodate the juggernaut that is the big red bindi. One of the reasons that bongs have adopted this look so dearly is because regular women don’t wear a full face of makeup on the daily. Just a dash of kohl-lined eyes and ruby lips are all that make the cut, thus, making space for the statement bindi.

On Kriti, the whole thing seems forced and unnecessary. If she really wanted to wear one, there should have been some form of vermillion shades in the garment to match it. Or, she should’ve gone with a simpler face, at least a no-makeup look. The bindi is and will always be, in vogue. We don’t need an out-of-place reminder of that.

When you are the lead of many big-name projects and are promoting all of them, a slip-up like this just seems lazy. We often chastise international celebrities who use the bindi for gratuitous purposes, with Kriti, it just looks downright sloppy.

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We love Kriti’s fashion game in general but this one is a hard pass for us!

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