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Vogue Featured These Fabulous Desi Drag Artists In Their Latest Issue And We Absolutely Love It

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Fact: The art of doing drag is so old that it is almost impossible to trace its history to a proper time frame. From literature to cinema and pop culture, drag performers have always been a big part of the human experience. We can find drag references in the dual form of Shiva-Parvati or even on the caved walls of the Khajuraho temples, Indian culture has a long-standing affinity to this art form.

Yet, modern drag queens in the country are often subjected to ridicule, violence, and shame.

It is an interesting contrast we see in the drag community of India. But given how it is next to impossible to deter these fierce queens from drawing on a fierce eyebrow, the art form is thriving and we are glad. Celebrating these artists in the work that they are doing, the September issue of Vogue India has shone a bright light on their stories. It was refreshing to spot these culture canons on a major fashion magazine, we stan a fabulous wig moment in neon lighting!

Sushant Divgikr

For model and actor Sushant Divgikr, it is not enough to just give drag artists the limelight, he wants them to own it! We ran into this gem of a person at an event and were struck by the passion he nurtures for his art. “It has been my childhood dream and people who know me know that I had to work soo hard to get here but oh well , it wouldn’t have felt even half as good if I had it easy! I can’t contain my excitement and can’t even begin to tell all of you how much of RANI there is that I can’t wait to show to the world”, he chimed in while sharing his big feature!

Durga Gawde

Durga Gawde is an androgynous king that can put even the slickest of men to shame! Apart from rocking the crew-cut like a total pro, this multi-faceted artist is also a trained sculptor from The Rhode Island School Of Design. “When your dreams are your reality all I think is ‘I M POSSIBLE’. Thank you Vogue India for recognising that age, race, gender, sexuality, expression are all that makes a person who they are. Out and proud celebrating queer independence as Durga, as Shakti, as a HUMAN,” shared Gawde.

Alex Mathew

Bengaluru-based 30-year-old Alex Mathew is no ordinary artist. He started doing drag five years ago in the hope that it will affect social change. His drag persona Mayamma was a token of liberation for the Kerala-born artist. He called his moment of glory, “The best way to celebrate 5 years of being an unapologetic drag queen”. So cool!

Ivanka Das

Ivanka Das might be the only person to rock painted-on hair and make it look glamorous AF. This trans superstar got very real about the struggles that come with gender identities and shared, “Always wanted to work as a mainstream model but being a queer person it was never a cakewalk. So finally when Vogue happened, I am not just overjoyed because it’s Vogue but because finally my talent was recognized”. Amen!

Lush Monsoon

For drag performer Lush Monsoon, being larger than life is no big deal! Taking to her Instagram, this glamorous queen revealed, “As a child I always imagined myself being on the runway, strutting around and practicing my walk. However, as I became aware of my queerness and the body that I inhabit, I soon realized that certain dreams were just off the bounds. Two years ago, being featured on Vogue India for my work, was something I could not have dreamt of. Yet, here I am on now on the September issue,”. Dream big!


Prateek Sachdeva

Let us all take a moment and bow down to that gorgeous Marie Antoinette themed platinum blonde wig! Prateek Sachdeva seemed to be over the moon with his feature and shared, “This is such a dream come true moment okay…if you were near me right now you would have gone deaf with all the screaming!!! PS: I’m signing copies if you want .. lol”. We love funny girls!

Zeeshan Ali

There is a very effervescent trans scene brewing in South India and Zeeshan Ali is one of the fabulously painted faces in it! A former medical student, Zeeshan’s a magician when it comes to makeup, his Insta page warranting many gasps from us! “There is so much more to be explored I’m glad we are taking the step to a beautiful future. I’m so honored and humbled being a part of something so big, life has never been better Being in drag has really thought me that I can be whoever I want to be and I live by that”, said Zeesh and we so agree!

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