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Zahra’s New Leather Saddle Bag Is Anything But Basic!

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You know the thing about growing older? You actually start appreciating the value of well-made things. You start to eliminate all the cheap junk you’ve been collecting and make space for quality products that you love and can cherish for many years (instead of discarding them after only a few wears).

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been spending my time (and hard-earned cash) on acquiring things that hold some value for me today and for the years to come. If you’ve been following Hauterfly from the beginning, you’ll know that I’ve featured a backpack from Vitasta before. And there’s a damn good reason why I’m revisiting this brand again today.

Since making its debut barely three years ago, Vitasta has developed a unique aesthetic that mixes form with function in a quietly minimalist manner. Based on the idea of everyday luxury, the brand’s philosophy is all about handcrafting beautiful leather accessories that have an individual quality instead of the uniformity of mass-produced goods.


Vitasta Asymmetrical Saddle Bag_Inpost_Hauterfly

Vitasta Asymmetrical Saddle Bag

Which brings me to this lovely leather saddle bag from Vitasta’s new summer collection. Taking inspiration from the Portuguese word “Desafinado” — which means “out of tune” or “off centre” — the handmade leather bag features off-centre seams and an asymmetric detail on the flap that breaks ideas of formal proportions. What I love about this equestrian-inspired bag is the minimalist design fused with an off-kilter detail that makes it visually more interesting. Simple and structured, it features a handloom Ikat lining and brass fittings, and also has an adjustable shoulder strap.

Lightweight and utterly chic, it’s a piece I can see myself going back to time and time again. In the current lot of trends, crossbody saddle bags are all the rage and will continue to dominate easy chic fashion in the years ahead. But the best part? You know that this is destined to become a classic leather accessory that will never quite go out of style. And that’s exactly why I wouldn’t think twice about investing in it right now!

SHOP NOW: Vitasta Asymmetrical Saddle Bag (Rs 8,000)


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