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11 Funky Umbrellas To Get You Through A Rainy Day In Style

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Thank God for those light showers last week, we have some surety that it’s going to rain cats and dogs in just about a few days. That would mean only one thing, prepping up to save yourself from getting drenched. While you’re bound to find a number of adorable rain gear in the market, some of us chic ones don’t have the liberty to take the time off for some relaxed shopping moments. From being tied up to your work desk all week long to committing to plans by friend’s/family on the one day off you get, making a quick stop to the store is not feasible. And for the many of us like that, online shopping is a BLESSING!

Come rain, and all you need is a sturdy umbrella that can save you from the heavy showers. Given you’re a girl with great taste, I know how important it is that even your monsoon essentials are fun, stylish and most importantly sophisticated. So, over the weekend, I’ve scouted all the online stores possible to find you some colourful, cute, and funky umbrella options that will add that spunk to your rainy day. So go on and swipe those cards, because this one’s not going to hurt your pocket one bit. Happy monsoon, ladies!


Express Palm Tree Print Umbrella Palm Tree Print Umbrella_Hauterfly

Express Palm Tree Print Umbrella (Rs 1,990)

India Circus Disco Hedwig Umbrella_Hauterfly

India Circus Disco Hedwig Umbrella (Rs 1,799)

Zara GIngham Checked Umbrella_Hauterfly

Zara Gingham Checked Umbrella (Rs 990)

Mango Folding Umbrella_Hauterfly

Mango Folding Umbrella (Rs 1,490)

Label MansionSingle Fold Large Umbrella_Hauterfly

Label Mansion Single Fold Large Umbrella (Rs 1,275)

ASOS Paperchase Nice Slice Umbrella_Hauterfly

ASOS Paperchase Nice Slice Umbrella (Rs 1,432 approx)

The Umbrella Project Kaleidoscope Umbrella_Hauterfly

The Umbrella Project Kaleidoscope Umbrella (Rs 1,199)

Nappa Dori Vintage Sling Umbrella_Hauterfly

Nappa Dori Vintage Sling Umbrella (Rs 2,800)

New Look Pink Unicorn Frill Trim Umbrella_Hauterfly

New Look Pink Unicorn Frill Trim Umbrella (Rs 954 approx)

The Umbrella Project Ikat Print Umbrella - Blue_Hauterfly

The Umbrella Project Ikat Print Umbrella (Rs 1,199)

Mango Umbrella_Hauterfly

Mango Umbrella (Rs 1,490)


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