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Trend To Try: Here’s How You Can Bring On That Polka Dotted Drama!

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You remember the good ol’ polka dots from our childhood, don’t you? Yes, the same ones Minnie Mouse so gracefully rocked!

Well, that very polka dot has moved past our childhood memories into a more fashionable realm, taking the style world by storm.

If you’ve ever rummaged through your parents’ photo albums, you have probably caught them on several occasions rocking the dot! I mean, it was practically the nautical print of the past.

Thought to originate from the polka dance, this particular design swung by and stuck around for the longest time ever! The iconic print being the white dots against a blue background, the spots then appeared in different colours, eventually evolving into various forms.

Ideally, the polka dot was seen on swing dresses and skirts that were used by dancers (hence its assumed origin), but has now been replicated on all your basic fashion necessities out there. From blouses to jumpsuits, and shorts to skirts, the dots are a trend that never really went away.

Looking to swing in sync with the polka dot drama too? Look no further, ’cause we’ve joined all the shopping dots for you!

Polka Dot Trend_Hauterfly

Faballey Coral Polka Dot Skater Skirt (Rs 845)

Polka Dot Trend_Hauterfly

Mango Navy Blue Polka Dot A-Line Dress (Rs 3,442)


Polka Dot Trend_Hauterfly

Zara Polka Dot Bermuda Shorts (Rs 1,890)

Polka Dot Trend_Hauterfly

Zara Flowing Polka Dot Jumpsuit (Rs 3,990)


Polka Dot Trend_Hauterfly

AND Boat Neck  Top (Rs 944)

Polka Dot Trend_Hauterfly

Pretty Little Thing Polka Dot Ruffle Mini Skirt (Rs 1,247 approx)

Polka Dot Trend_Hauterfly

Forever 21 Off-Shoulder Top (Rs 1,259)

Polka Dot Trend_Hauterfly

Koovs Ruffle Detail Mini Dress (Rs 1,199)

Polka Dot Trend_Hauterfly

Closet Drama Polka Dot Striped One Shoulder Top (Rs 1,199)

Polka Dot Trend_Hauterfly

Mast & Harbour Navy Polka Dot Shirt Dress (Rs 749)


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