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Trend To Know: Amphibious Dressing, Wearing Swimwear As Day Wear

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The fashion industry is infamous for shocking everyone, and leaving onlookers surprised at the bizarre trends presented. A few years ago, athleisure became all the rage, where the biggest fashion influencers in the world like Rihanna, Kanye, the Kardashian and Hadid sisters, said it was okay to go to work, straight from the gym. And we all fervently hoped that some sort of showering had happened.

This was followed by a trend involving wearing what’s inside, outside, as slip dresses. This was  spotted first in Céline’s spring 2016 collection. Then came pyjama dressing, and by this point we were dangerously close to sauntering out of our homes in practically nothing. Thankfully, that did not catch on.

But hey, a new trend is here! It is wearing your swimwear as daywear. Of course, it has a name, it is called *drumroll*  Amphibious Dressing. The word ‘Amphibious’ means, something that is suited for both land and water, and is often used for vehicles that work on both land as well as water. And for animals.

Hence, swimsuits, that are designed to be both wet and dry terrains fit the bill. To be honest, we aren’t shocked, in fact wearing your swimsuit as a top, is probably a more modest extension of wearing your extension of wearing your corset and underwear as outer wear.

Now that you are familiarised with the term, here are some rules on wearing this trend. Obviously, this trend is not something you can wear to work. Unless you work at a pool, in which case, feel free to fully embrace this. It more of a beach-to-street dressing solution for a vacation. Wearing a swimsuit like a top, paired with a pair of loose trousers or shorts, is something most fashion bloggers have been rocking. When Julie Pelipas, Fashion Director of Vogue Ukraine, wore her nude swimsuit tucked into a pair of paperbag waist trousers during Couture Fashion Week, the outfit went viral.

I am just hoping this trend will encourage swimwear makers to add some extra inbuilt support. These are weird times for swimsuits, but it also time for it to take on new roles and bigger responsibilities. So get ready to wear your swimsuit as daywear. But invest in swimwear separately. Keep scrolling for some insta-inspo:


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