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#WOTW: Tontouring Is The Perfect Makeup Trick For The Lazy Girl

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Nowadays, there’s constantly some new beauty trend emerging, and we love it! But the beauty technique that has seen a number of variations over time is contouring. Kim Kardashian sure popularised it, but TBH, beauty mavens across the globe are obsessed with contouring. In fact, here at Hauterfly, we already have written about hair contouring and nontouring. And today, the trend we’ll be talking about is tontouring (also called tantouring). Obviously, the name is a dead giveaway of the product used for this technique: fake tan.

Coined and created by beauty guru Marissa Carter, who is also the founder of Cocoa Brown, tontouring is a relatively simpler way to enhance and sculpt facial features. The plus point of this makeup trick: a single application of this style of contouring will last you about a week. No more spending hours to get the perfect chiselled look.

Marissa starts by applying a tanning moisturiser on her face just for to get an even glow. Then, she uses a tan in a shade darker than her skin tone, and applies it on her forehead using a foundation brush. Post this, she applies tan on her cheekbones using an angular brush. She keeps the contouring style intact, starting from ear to mid cheek and blending it thoroughly so as to keep the look even.

You can read all about the correct way to tontour here. Just ensure that you use an oil-free tanning product for this technique because this will not clog the pores.

Click on the YouTube link below for a step-by-step tutorial. Once you try it out, send us your comments and pics — we’d love to hear from you!



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