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17-Year Old Feroza Aziz Slyly Inserted A Strong Political Message In Her TikTok Eyelash Curling Tutorial And We Love Her Bravado For It

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The next time one of your relatives asks you what exactly “Tik Tok” is, you can go beyond just lip sync videos and tell them something different. The hugely popular video-sharing app has come under fire recently for trying to cover up atrocities in Communist China by censoring content on the channel. According to the United Nations, more than 1 million Chinese Uighur Muslims are being detained in government internment camps right now. Referred to as “re-education” facilities meant to fight extremism and separatism in that region of the country, these oppressive powers have been torturing people.

Through leaked videos and brave journalism on the behest of international reporters, we are finally seeing the truth behind it. But none can be deemed so influential as one 17-year old Afghan-American woman who used TikTok itself to share the message to as many people as she possibly could. And all on the behest of a smartly curated eyelash curling tutorial. Sounds wild and unreal? Read on!

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Hi guys, I made a video about the situation in China with how the government is capturing the Uyghur Muslims and placing them into concentration camps. Once you enter these camps, you’re lucky if you get out. Innocent humans are being murdered, tortured, raped, receiving shock therapy, and so much more that I can’t even describe. They are holding a genocide against Muslims and they’re getting away with it. We need to spread awareness. I know it might sound useless, what can spreading awareness and talking about this even do? What are we supposed to do about it? We have our voices and technology to help us. Speak to those who can help! The UN failed to stop this genocide in the summer, we can’t let that happen again. We can’t be silent on another holocaust that is bound to happen. We can’t be another failed generation of “what could’ve, should’ve, would’ve”. We are strong people. We can do this. Only if we try #muslim #islam #tiktok #uyghurmuslims #china #freepalestine

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The “Tutorial”

We first stumbled onto this news byte when TikTok apologised for suspending Feroza Aziz’s TikTok account calling it a “human moderation error”. Further research into the whole thing led us to her “tutorial” video, where she starts off like any other beauty influencer to shell out tips on curling your eyelashes. She then smoothly takes a tangent into talking about the said atrocities being committed in China, all the while curling her lashes and keeping up the appearance of it being an innocent and fun video. TikTok, which is not authorised in China (like any other social media platforms), is, however, owned by a Chinese company, Bytedance. Further reports have suggested big names like Huawei Technologies are working closely with the Communist Party to censor and surveil Uighur Muslims in China’s western region of Xinjiang.

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Why It blew Up?

Since the news of Feroza’s account suspension broke out, the whole story has taken a life of its own. The teenager has taken it upon herself to take the fight against TikTok head-on and accused the tech giant of censoring her views to further their own political agenda. As a response to this, the company said, “TikTok does not moderate content due to political sensitivities,” and let her back on the App, up until Wednesday. Which has now changed, which the company has justified by saying they had banned one of her earlier videos for similar content. “I believe TikTok took down the video because of its spread of awareness for Uyghurs in China but realized that by doing this, then it would prove that they are trying to hide the truth,” Feroza revealed in an interview.

One of the biggest revelations from this story, for me personally, was the involvement of these tech giants in committing seemingly horrific crimes against mankind, in whatever capacity. FYI, since its inception, TikTok app has been downloaded a billion times and has a jaw-dropping valuation of $75 billion. Clearly the app has grown tremendously in popularity, being very popular with young people, making legitimate celebrities out of its users. Amidst all that, a story like Feroza’s seems like something out of a utopian movie script, a pretty nail-biting one at that.

“That video should not have been the reason for my account to be suspended,” confessed Feroza. “TikTok is trying to cover up this whole mess. I will only speak louder about this issue. I will always speak louder.”, she elaborated. We are in awe of this young woman’s bravery and strength.

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Since the story blew up, Feroza has been vocal on international news channels, voicing her opinions about the same. She has also wiped her Instagram clean of pictures, leaving up just the original Tik-Tok video. This girl is devoting all of herself to this one cause and the only thing we have to say is, “we’re with you in this fight!”

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