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This One Outfit On Kiara Is Not Just Unflattering, It Also Might Be A Rip-Off. Who’s To Blame?

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It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But is there a line beyond which imitation turns into full-fledged plagiarism? Yes, there is. The act of getting “inspired” by someone’s vision is quite prevalent in the fashion world. While most inspirations are genuine compliments, some are blatant rip-offs. One platform that has gotten huge in calling out various designer rip-offs in the Indian fashion industry is Diet Sabya and their latest find has left us heartbroken!

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The anonymous admin(s) of this platform have been the fashion vigilante, pointing out the very real evil of copying in the fashion industry. Their latest post is about an unflattering ensemble worn by Kiara Advani, which is eerily similar to another!

Kiara’s white separates from Purple Paisley bear a lot of similarity to a style from the fashion house Thurley.

Now, the eyelet pattern used in both outfits is quite common. We bet we all have a top or a skirt with this pattern. But it is the detailing that has thrown us off.

We also found out that the technique was heavily featured in the Thurley Resort 19 Collection called Fable.

We are in no position to pass absolute judgement about whether this look was a rip-off or not. But we do wish to pose this question: who do we blame when a celebrity is styled in clothes that are accused of being copied? Is it the designer, the stylist or the people involved in the sourcing team? It is exceedingly disheartening to see young and fashionable celebrities having to go through this!

The debate about designers copying other designers is a conversation of the ages. Many in the industry have asked for a regulatory body to look over these transgressions. Even our own designers have suffered because of this:

Let us know your thoughts in the comments on how we can deal with the ‘fakes’ in fashion? We would love to get some fresh ideas!


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