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This Monk Raped A Pregnant Woman And Tried To Molest Her Sister In Law. WTF Is Going On?

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Rape culture is a whole new culture, embedded in our society. We know that women of all ages, income groups and in all parts of the country are constantly fighting the battle to stay safe. A woman can’t even walk down the street without being afraid of the man walking 5 steps behind her. As children, we are taught that the world is a big bad place and you know what the saddest part is? The fact that we have just accepted that. Even after instances upon instances of gruesome rapes like Nirbhaya and Priyanka Reddy, we still see no actual change. Why is that? 

The reason that I am asking that question right now is that there has been yet another gruesome rape case. This one is as shocking as it is gut-wrenching. The police in Rajasthan’s Karauli district have arrested a monk for allegedly raping a pregnant woman. 

The monk, a Jain who takes the vow of celibacy to embrace monk-hood, has been identified as 38-year-old Sukumal Nandi and is a native of Jodhpur. He raped a pregnant woman when she along with her sister-in-law went to his shelter, in Mohannagar locality of the Hindaun town on Thursday to get his blessings. 

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Lakshman Gaur, deputy inspector general of police (DIGP) Bharatpur range said, “On Thursday, the victim had gone to the shelter home with her husband and sister-in-law to take blessings from the monk. Initially, the survivor’s sister-in-law entered the room and the monk tried to molest her but she moved out immediately. When she herself went to the room, she was allegedly raped by Nandi who threatened her by saying that he would harm her family members using his powers if she spoke about it.” 

The victim, not giving in to his threat, told the family what happened as soon as they got home. However, when her kin reached the shelter the accused monk had locked himself up in his room. The police were called immediately and they found incriminating evidence. 

On Saturday morning, a police official said that a big bag had been seized from the accused monk. The bag contained packets of contraceptives, multiple mobile phones, 2 laptops and a number of hard drives. Upon further investigation, they found objectionable videos on the hard drives. 

The police official said, “On Friday morning when a team of forensic science laboratory from Jaipur and a police team from Karauli district reached the shelter home in Hindaun town of the district where the Jain muni (monk) was staying to gather evidence, the teams seized a bag. And when the locks of the bag were broken, police found two laptops, 19 mobile phones, 33 pen drives, 4 hard disks and packets of condoms. When the hard disks were checked many objectionable videos were found.” 

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This woman spoke out despite his threat, but can you imagine how many women did not report him because of their blind faith or even fear? It’s utter rubbish that these babas and gurus take undue advantage of the faith people have in them and abuse it for their own desires. How many more rapist babas is our country going to need to see before it turns into an eye-opener? 

We have to remember that it is not unprecedented. Self-proclaimed godman Asaram Bapu who has been accused of so much more, convicted murder and rapist Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and god knows how many more that haven’t come to light yet, this is scary for women around the country. 

Haven’t we have enough of these “godmen” preying on women?

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