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This Kerala Woman On A Scooty Standing Up To A Bus Driving In The Wrong Lane Is Proof That One Person Is Enough

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My office is about an hour’s commute away from my place and without any shadow of a doubt, the commute is the most hectic and annoying part of my day. This because everyday when I leave my home to get to work, I almost let out curses with every breath I take, because that’s just how terribly people drive on the streets of Delhi. Taking a wrong cut here, blocking a whole lane of people there, people hardly adhere to the traffic rules, ending us all getting traffucked. And guess it’s no different anywhere in India. In Kerala, a bus was driving in the wrong lane and blocking the entire road. Except, unlike us who only mutter some not so pleasant words under our breaths upon such incidents, a Kerala woman who came face to face with the bus, was in no mood of letting that bus get away easily and she made her point.

A video that has now gone viral on the internet and has won the hearts of hundreds of people, who are already lauding this Kerala woman on a scooty who refused to give way to a bus driver who was driving in the wrong lane. And to think about it, it was in fact a pretty bad ass move on the woman’s part. The person who posted it on twitter wrote,”When you are RIGHT it gives you a very different kind of MIGHT,” and boy do we agree with him!

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We, on the daily, come across such goons who would cut lanes, skip red lights and drive on the wrong side, that too with such confidence it makes us doubt our own driving skills. But never have we thought of standing up to someone, unless they end up hitting our car, or if we do, theirs. This woman on the other hand, wasn’t having any of it anymore, as she literally decided to stand her ground, not moving an inch to give way to the bus. And come to think of it, she’s just one person. And she’s all you need.

Even after stricter traffic rules, and higher penalties now being issued, people are far from being afraid of the consequences and we are glad that this woman chose to remind that bus driver how they won’t always get away with it. Shared by a South Indian actress too, that video is currently making rounds on the internet, with everyone sharing just how proud they are of the woman for doing it.

Twitter users that are calling her the real ‘Boss Lady’ now, are deeply impressed as are we and we’re definitely feeling more motivated to speak up. Hailing her as a hero, she just made all of ours Fridays better and even gave people the courage to call out people who think it’s alright to not follow traffic rules. Clearly, a good for thought for every slick driver out there, who would now think twice before doing such things, lest he wants to get publicly called out and shamed on the internet.

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