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The Sky Is Pink’s Trailer Is Out And It’s Funny, Romantic And Dramatic In Equal Measure. We Can’t Wait!

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I am a social media stalker and I do this officially. Like as a part of my job. And I take this title quite seriously. So, when Priyanka Chopra said in an Insta story that the trailer for her movie will drop at 10am, I was there on the dot. And then, of course, they said it would come out at 10:12, so I just sat there and waited. And when the trailer dropped, I was thrilled because it was everything it promised to be and them some. Priyanka Chopra is in at as an actor and producer and if the trailer looks this fun, can you imagine how the movie will be?

Currently attending the Toronto Film Festival with the cast and crew of this movie, Priyanka Chopra stars with actor Farhan Akhtar in this movie and for starters, we love the unusual pairing but also the sparkling chemistry.

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The three minute long trailer, starts with the voice-over of Zaira Wasim, who plays the role of Aisha, Priyanka and Farhan’s daughter. A fact that is established soon enough into the trailer and the synopsis of the movie. Walking us through the epic and classic love story of her parents, Aisha’s narration of PeeCee and Farhan’s romance is cute, funny and too damn relatable. A scene that particularly stuck with me is when the two are caught by Farhan’s dad while they are indulging in some late night mushy romancing over the phone.

And just like that, the merry build-up of a not so perfect yet perfect love story takes a sappy turn when we see the narrator-cum-teenage daughter come from the background to the foreground, holding herself up as the villain of the narrative, for she comes into the picture with a terminal illness. Based on a true story, the film and its trailer looks at the world through the lens of Aisha. She takes us through the lives of her parents before and after she was born and towards the end of the trailer, we see them try to make ends meet and save their daughter. A movie that is set to reinstate our faith in love and life, this one definitely stirs something inside of us and gently reminds us of the power that is family.

The character arcs are not just very different, but seem to have been brilliantly upheld, especially when it comes to Zaira who sinks into her role quite effortlessly so no one looks like they’re acting but everyone looks like they are actually living this.  Rohit Saraf, who plays the role of their son also comes across as a powerful performer and though in bits it seems like a usual and classic romantic drama, we can’t still wait to watch it! Directed by Shonali Bose and co-produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur, this film is PeeCee’s first film after her three years hiatus  from Bollywood. The movie hits screens on 11th October.

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