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Japleen Is All Set To Steal The Spotlight With These Gorgeous Earrings

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I don’t know about you, but when I really want something, I hardly ever get it. But when I have absolutely no need for that thing, the universe will make sure it falls right into my lap. Relatable, no?

Like my current state. I attended a beach wedding in February and, of course, it was all things amazing. But I was genuinely not happy with my jewellery and outfit selection. You know that feeling that I could have done better lingered in my mind throughout.

When Suhani Pittie recently launched her Sea Kissed collection, from which Sonam Kapoor wore a piece at Cannes last month, I desperately wished to turn back time to February, so that I could sport these jewels at that wedding. But alas.

Each and every piece in the collection resonates with the ocean and is absolutely perfect for the beach bride.

Well, though it’s all is over for me (as of now), I still picked up earrings that were too beautiful to let go.


Silver Earrings By Suhani Pittie_Hauterfly

Silver & Blue Leaf & Semicircle Drop Earrings With Shells


These round, silver-plated baubles are so crush-worthy that the price doesn’t really matter. In fact, forget a crush, they deserve to be in a long-term, crazy-in-love kind of commitment.

The turquoise blue hint is the ideal match with the shells, and because Suhani knew that was not enough, she added the crisp, shiny leaf to it and dammit, nothing has ever looked more gorgeous.

It is the rough design that gives it a personal, raw touch, proving, yet again, that handcrafted products always, always take the best creamy slice of the cake.

Buy it for yourself, gift it to your bestie who just got engaged, or drop a hint to bae and tell him that Valentine’s day came way early this year!

SHOP NOW: Silver & Blue Leaf & Semicircle Drop Earrings With Shells Rs (8,300)


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