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14 Striped Dresses To Help You Rock That Nautical Vibe!

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Ahoy matey! Don’t you sometimes wish that you weren’t sitting in the comfort of your apartment but were out and about, sailing around the world? Sigh, I’d trade that kind of life for anything. Since I cannot do that (hello, bills!), I decided to gift myself a nautical-inspired outfit. And what better than a striped dress for such a theme, right? But wait, before you think I’ll be doling out options that are run-of-the-mill, monochrome and the sorts, here’s some news.

Scroll on for some funky striped dresses that are not just casual, but work for every occasion. I’ve scouted brands from across the internet for pieces that will take you to an all-girl-outing or even a prom, and more. Trust me when I say this, these chic outfits are bound to make some impact in your style file. Wait no more. Swipe those cards already!


Zara Limited Edition Dress_Hauterfly

Zara Limited Edition Dress (Rs 3,990)

Nicobar Striped Racerback Sundress_Hauterfly

Nicobar Striped Racer back Sundress (Rs 6,200)

Anomaly Stripe Dress_Hauterfly

Anomaly Stripe Dress (Rs 5,500)

Mango Striped Jersey Dress_Hauterfly

Mango Striped Jersey Dress (Rs 1,740)

Dorothy Perkins Navy Striped Prom Dress_Hauterfly

Dorothy Perkins Navy Striped Prom Dress (Rs 2,994)

Free Living Ivory Striped Handloom Anti Fit Dress_Hauterfly

Free Living Ivory Striped Handloom Anti-Fit Dress (Rs 2,599)

Missguided Striped Mesh Sleeveless Bodycon Dress Off White_Hauterfly

Missguided Striped Mesh Sleeveless Bodycon Dress (Rs 1,953)

Zara Striped Dress_Hauterfly

Zara Striped Dress (Rs 4,990)

Arushi Gupta Printed Off Shoulder Striped Dress_Hauterfly

Arushi Gupta Off-Shoulder Striped Dress (Rs 3,800)

ASOS Closet Stripe Tie Front Dress_Hauterfly

Closet Stripe Tie Front Dress (Rs 4,235 approx)

Topshop Stripe Wrap Dress_Hauterfly

Topshop Stripe Wrap Dress (Rs 3,045)

Oasis Stripe Bow Shoulder Dress_Hauterfly

Oasis Stripe Bow Shoulder Dress (Rs 4,857 approx)

Doodlage Drop Back Dress_Hauterfly

Doodlage Drop Back Dress (Rs 3,200)

H&M Ribbed Jersey Dress_Hauterfly

H&M Ribbed Jersey Dress (Rs 1,299)


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