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SOTY 2 Is An Escapist Movie So The Sexy Uniforms Can Be Explained, Says Cast. We Disagree

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I am a big Dharma Production fan. The larger than life sets, the amazing costumes, cheeky takes at romantic comedies, the slow motion shots and of course, the uber-rich protagonists placed in an alternate universe. Safe to say, Karan Johar can be credited for single-handedly bringing the extra in Bollywood films.

When we watched the trailer of SOTY 2, let’s just say, we were less than impressed. First of all, I get willing suspension of disbelief. No, really, I do. But how much should we suspend it? Because it’s hanging by a thin, thin thread right now.

Then, to really see if I had really bought into the Dharma universe, SOTY 2’s first song came out. The Jawani Song came out and at this point, we were just very confused. But also convinced that no good can come from this. First of all, the song is a ear sore. Yes, it’s a whole new kind of sore. It’s the rehash of an old song and it’s a really bad rehash at that. Chalo, we said, we can live with that. But then, the actresses in the song are wearing uniforms and the whole thing starts to get really uncomfortable.

Here’s our problem with it. And the internet also had a problem with it. First of all , yes, none of us had uniforms like this. That’s because what these women are wearing is a highly sexualised version. Also, our uniforms required the skirt to perform the basic function of ensuring that we do not flash our underwear to the whole school. Clearly, that was not the mandate for the plaid skirts that Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria were given. In fact, their skirts are dangerously short threatening to expose their behinds to all and sundry. Their shirts are tight and knotted up. In fact, the whole uniform comes across as highly sexualised which is just uncomfortable.

The cast of the movie that got trolled for this had this to say during a media interaction session, Ananya said,” I think it was really funny when people said ‘we didn’t have these uniforms in school’, even I didn’t. It is a larger than life film and you have to take the magic which comes with it.”

Adding to Ananya’s thought, Tiger Shroff  said that it was a light film. “It’s a film for the youth. It’s an entertainment experience for everyone. Come have fun, don’t bring your thinking caps.”

Hey Tiger, we never bring our thinking caps to these movies but even if we are willing to stretch our imagination, this seems a bit much.


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