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Sonam Kapoor Ahuja Wore A ‘Toilet Soap’ Sweater And For People Born After ’99, Here’s Why It’s Cool

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As far as fun sweaters go, there are only two kinds that I like to give my time of day to…the palm tree-laden gaudy “ugly” Christmas specials and cute graphic ones that come with unicorn knits and are fuzzy beyond imagination. And since we are right at the cusp of the chilly season, there’s been so many sweaters making their way into our Insta feed on the daily. One of them from the winter closet of Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, who wore the quirkiest design to an LA Lakers’ game a couple of days ago.

Sonam joined her sports fanatic husband Anand Ahuja and a couple of other friends for the game, while on her trip to Los Angeles. There was a nip in the air so this fashion girl picked out an oversized sweater to go with her pleated skirt. The sweater had a ‘Godrej No. 2 Toilet Soap’ detailing on it, which she paired with a turtleneck sticking out and silver bling, an accessory we think she never leaves the house without.

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🌴LA🌴 … the @dg_3 & @alisiyahxo way

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As someone who was born in the first half of the 1990s, I got the Godrej reference. There isn’t a single 90s kid who hasn’t bathed with this cult product, joined by cantankerous siblings in a tub. This household product is one of the earliest beauty soaps that Indian families across the country used and were loyal to. This sudden dose of nostalgia was something we weren’t prepared for first thing on a Thursday. We love clothes that put a stupid smile on our faces and this throwback sweater from Sonam and Anand’s label Bhaane is one of them!

As for the “toilet” part that got us stymied at first glance. Why would a legit fashion star put “toilet soap” emblazoned on her chest and head to a highly televised game, and maybe even end up on the Jumbotron! A little bit of research helped to put some perspective on it. The dictionary definition of a toilet soap is “soap for washing oneself.”. This nomenclature was popular for the soaps that were marketed for bathing purposes and had to declare their TFM content on the wrapper itself. As compared to that, the bathing bar, which is what modern bathrooms have, does not have to reveal it’s exact ingredient count. If anything, we want to thank Sonam for this beauty education by wearing a tricky sweater…the more you know!

On a side note, we love how Sonam and Anand manage to make their outfits fascinating, every time they step out together. From them twinning in androgynous pantsuits+sneakers…

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👫 @anandahuja @giorgioarmani #everydayphenomenal

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…to decking up in statement black and grey Armani suits for an event, they cut such a handsome figure dressed up together.

We want to get our hands on this sweater, even though it is a bit of a splurge!

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