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Sonakshi Sinha Is The Only Person Who Can Pull Off Capri Pants And We Know How She Did It

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There a few items of clothing that women everywhere have worn just once and then never again. Super low rise jeans (oh god the butt cracks), kaftan tops (where’s the shape?), embroidered jackets (death by heat) and metallic mini skirts (no use for them unless you’re doing stage show) are just a few of them to name. But none can hold a candle to the unflattering bottom wear that is capri pants. These not-short-not-full length pants belong in our awkward teenage years, the years when we walked around in stuff  like socks-with-sandals and low-waist bell bottoms- stuff that all memories should be erased off.

In a weird twist of event, we did get a single look from a Sonakshi Sinha who not only wore capri pants but pulled it off as well! And we simply had to know how. So we dissected the look.

Sonakshi Sinha paired her faded (another divisive trend) capris with a slim jacket in a look of double-denim goodness. The actress looks incredibly chic in the separates and we are not surprised!

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The ensemble is quite smart, with well-fitted jacket and pants making her frame longer and leaner. We think the the slim cuffing just under the knees and  heeled sandals are making these pants work. Quite frankly, we suspect it didn’t take much to convince her to try the pants either. Sonakshi is of those fashion girls who will experiment with pretty much everything. She does seem to be a sucker for the more obscure and generally crowd-polarising trends to stay on top of the fashion game.

Her Latex Love

Sonakshi’s love for offbeat trends might be what led her to try on latex dresses as well!

The actress loves herself some bodacious silhouettes in sexy sleek latex numbers and we think she looks amazing. How she manages to get into them is a conversation we will save for a later hour.

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The eyes chico… they never lie. #sundayselfie

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The 90s Throwbacks

Sonakshi loves herself some throwbacks as well. She rocks a pair of retro glasses with basic flared jeans from the 90s. The OTT eyes and crimped hair in this look are indicative enough of the fact that she can work this. The girl does decade fashion like we wish we could and that is totally charming to us.

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Mood: Anarkali disco chali 🤘🏼

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Her Versions of ‘Ugly’ Fashion

It is ugly until Sonakshi decides it is not! The actress has more than once picked a trend that is usually labelled ‘unflattering’ and turned it into something fabulous. We believe it is this idea to not be afraid of experimentation that puts her in a league of her own. Because before today we wouldn’t want to be caught dead in a pair of capri pants and are glad she decided to prove naysayers wrong!

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Shine like the diamond you are… 💎

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You do you, Ms Sinha!


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