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Zahra’s Checklist: Slip Dresses To Beat The Heat!

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By now you’ve heard all about how the 90s is back in fashion, what with chokers and brown lipsticks being the trend to try for summer. However, one key trend of 2016 is the humble slip dress, that’s come back in vogue with a vengeance.

Ever since Balenciaga, Céline, and Calvin Klein sent them down the runways last season, they’ve become trending items in every fashion forward girl’s wardrobe, especially for the hotter months. In it’s most basic form, a slip dress can often be mistaken for innerwear thanks to those spaghetti straps, silky fabrics, and lace trims. Wearing it as is (like Kate Moss would in those wispy dresses in the 90s) is for the girl who likes a sense of adventure in her fashion choices. It is reminiscent of punk rock, grunge, and sexy waifs, and is as casual as it is chic.

Part lingerie-part effortlessly sexy dress, it’s the sort of outfit you pick out of your closet and throw on in the most louche fashion. Pair it with your favourite sneakers or sex it up with strappy stilettos — it’s a versatile garment that can go in any direction you please. A slip dress is sartorial nostalgia at it’s best. And there’s no better time than now to dip your feet in some sweet reminders of times gone by.

So give in to your inner grunge rocker by slipping into this season’s sexiest dress, with my top picks:


Nicobar Chanderi Dress_Hauterfly

Nicobar Chanderi Dress (Rs 6,500)


Zara Slip Dress 2_Hauterfly

Zara Dress With Lace Trim (Rs 5,990)


Forever 21 Slip Dress_Hauterfly

Forever21 Lace Slip Dress (Rs 1,259)


Mango Slip Dress_Hauterfly

Mango Premium Dress (Rs 23,000)


Dorothy Perkins Cami Dress_Hauterfly

Dorothy Perkins Cami Dress (Rs 1,790)


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