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Alisha Is Party-Ready With This Super Fly Hip Flask

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As far as vices go, I know mine. I love a nice cold beer on a hot day, or a glass of single malt when there’s a nip in the air. It’s not so much about getting drunk anymore, or even earlier on. I’ve always enjoyed the taste of alcohol, while some of my other girlfriends pounded back the shots with the express purpose of getting drruuunkkk. But this was in the glory days, when I was 22 and could pull off an all-nighter and be fully functional at work the next day. In those days, party packs were how it was done, because being a college student in Mumbai is hard on the wallet, but now that I’m older, my party pack needs to graduate to having something nice to sip on occasionally, not because I can’t afford a drink at a club, but more because it might not have what I want. Or if I need a quick sip of neat liquid courage before walking up to the cutie at the bar.


Skinny Dip-WASTED HIP FLASK_Inpost

Skinny Dip Hip Flask

And let’s be honest, this ‘Wasted’ Hip Flask from Skinny Dip is so cute, it could pass off as an accessory to my outfit. The metallic flask is embellished with cute little embroidered flowers and the word ‘wasted’ printed cheekily in the middle of it all. And it carries 200 ml of alcohol. This is the perfect thing for a girl who is sassy, classy and just a l’il smart assy, and just goes to show that girls really do just want to have fun. (Now, how’s that for a cliche?) But trust me on this on-the-go companions for your nights and days (because who are we to judge?) out on the town.

SHOP NOW: Skinny Dip Wasted Hip Flask (Rs 1,250 approx)


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