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Shocking Secrets Behind These Cannes Outfits Will Change The Way You See Red Carpet Fashion Forever!

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Cannes 2019 has been all we’ve talked about for the last one week. From Hina Khan’s Cannes debut to Aishwarya Rai’s golden snake-skin disaster, and Nickyanka’s PDA to Huma Qureshi’s hideous boxy jackets, the internet was abuzz with all the gossip from the film festival, and trolls were busy judging celebrity outfits they could never afford.

We also gushed about the stunning red carpet looks given to us by Kangana Ranaut, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty. But behind all those gorgeous (and not-so-gorgeous) ensembles is a backstory we’re finding hard to stomach.

Now we always suspected that it can’t be easy to flaunt those larger-than-life designer creations, but these facts we uncovered prove it’s a freakin’ ordeal.

The Good, The Bad and The Painful!

For starters, actress Elle Fanning, who hit us with some fabulous fashion this year, actually fainted at the Chopard Trophee dinner on Monday, thanks to her 1950s Prada prom dress. Apparently, the corset was so tight, causing her to literally fall off her chair. Thankfully, she had help and quickly recovered before having to leave the party.

She later posted about it on Instagram with the hashtags #dresstootight #timeofthemonth. Poor thing!

Well, she’s not the first celebrity to suffer the strains of haute couture. Remember Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala this year. The actress’s infamous ‘dripping wet’ dress, that showcased her almost unreal curves, was so tight she literally couldn’t sit all night.

Watch her get ready for the Met Gala 2019 here:

Kim, apparently, stood in her van all the way to the venue! Such are the perils of being a celebrity.

The Fitness Ordeal

Kangana Ranaut was another actress to have to endure the Cannes ordeal. She was put through a rigid and rigorous fitness routine before she made her way to the French Riviera, which caused her to drop five kilos in just 10 days. Is that even healthy? Her skin-tight one-shoulder gown probably required it.

We also saw Deepika and Sonam sweat it out and how, at the gym in the run up to Cannes 2019.

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The Inevitable Falls

Should you choose to sport a dramatic princess-like gown, good luck trying to walk without stumbling at least a few times. While the epic tumble of Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars was captured on camera for the world to see, her plight is that of almost every actress at a big red carpet extravaganza. And who can blame them? The sky-high heels with trains that extend about seven stairs is a disaster waiting to happen.

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The Army In Tow

Thankfully, celebrities do have help. The breath-taking trains of their gowns are usually held up by at least two individuals. But can you imagine walking around like that all day, with heavy jewellery hanging off your ears and neck? Yes, those sparkly stunners weigh a tonne and the pain of it all is certainly not all that glamorous!

So there you have it! The truth of it all doesn’t sound so pretty, does it? And to think Cannes’ celebrities go through all of this, and still aren’t allowed to take an I-did-it selfie on the red carpet… kill me already!


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