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Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s Pencil Kilt And Turtleneck Ensemble Is Perfect To Take You From The Boardroom To The Bar

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Formal office parties can be a tough nut to crack, in terms of fashion. On one hand, you have the corporate venue to keep in mind (which have their own dress codes) and on the other, the theme of the event can pose a challenge when picking pieces to wear and style. The days when you have to head straight to the club from office are chaotic in a whole other way. How exactly do you keep a nice outfit devoid of wrinkles after a long day of slogging on a presentation?

Fortunately for us working girls, there are available some very practical options for an outfit that will instantly take you from the boardroom to the bar. A comfy cotton blazer suit (with flared pants)! that you can straighten up with just a couple of smacks from the back of your hands or a shift dress that can be made instantly dressier with a change of shoes; you know, the usual. A workwear staple that I really like is the sexy, yet understated, pencil skirt and Shilpa Shetty Kundra just happened to wear the perfect one on a night out.

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They say that your birthday outfit is something that you consider the best outfit in your huge over-stuffed wardrobe. So as someone who has been wearing a version of the same plaid skirt for her birthday for years, I have a soft spot for this particular style. Plaid skirts are a versatile closet staple for women who like to maintain a cohesive closet. In the mini-flared form, the look like cute skater skirts you can wear with all of your mesh leggings. The fitted ones are styles that working women have relied on since the 50s when Christian Dior introduced the style in the wake of World War II when fabrics were rationed due to their expense.

Shilpa’s ensemble consists of a kilt-style plaid pencil skirt paired with a solid turtleneck and minimal accessories. The leggy beauty pulls it off like a pro and looks so smart. We recreated the outfit on a budget and tweaked it a little bit for any of future formal party needs where you need just a hint of sexiness mixed with strong lines and structured shapes.

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Happy shopping, ladies!

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