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Save Vs Splurge: Stomp Away With These Conventional Kicks

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If you’re a sneakerhead then brace yourself, because we’ve got something exciting coming your way. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a resurgence of killer kicks, where sneakers suddenly became less of a utility product and more of a fashion statement. Every shoe does have its 5 minutes of fame, be it ballerinas, clogs, or even platforms, but a pair of sneakers…nope they seem to be having way more screen time then the others. And they totally revamp themselves each time. Whether it is a plain ol’ white sneaker, a set of VANS, or even a funked up gold pair — like, sneakers are what it’s all about and you will pretty much spot any boy or girl wearing these with literally everything. I mean, it’s absolutely legit at the moment to even wear them under a wedding gown and it looks even better than heels (of course, we’re not forgetting the comfort factor).


Adidas Original’s NMD R2 (Rs 17,999)

So our first brand needs no introduction in the world of sneakers *drumroll please* and it’s Adidas. Adidas is known, and when we say known, we mean absolutely and utterly famous for its funky footwear. There is the Adidas that does sportswear and then there’s the Adidas that has probably pioneered and set the bar for creative sneakers. The Adidas Women’s NMD R2 is the right balance between utility and funk! It’s something you can possibly wear for a run and also fashionably flaunt when wearing athleisure. The midsole inserts in the shoe provide for good cushioning and the Primeknit pretty much maintains the comfort and support when wearing. Also, they are super lightweight! If you’re a fan of the brand and already have an amazing collection of kicks, go ahead and splurge on a pair of Adidas NMD R2s, because we can ASSURE you that you will NOT regret it. If you own a pair of Stan Smiths, I think you need to slip your feet into these ones as well.


ZARA Black Embossed Leather Sneakers (Rs 3,990)

If you still want to own a pair of kickass sneaks, but you’re looking for a cheaper option, then look no further! Step into Zara, which will literally cater to all your saving needs. Zara sneakers are definitely a cheaper alternative to a pair of NMDs — they aren’t exactly the same, but they pretty much look alike. While the Adidas pair has a lightweight, sock-like breathable exterior, Zara has more of a glossy leather finish. See, it isn’t exactly the same (they will get sued otherwise, of course), but the latter comes pretty close. The black embossed leather sneakers have a distinctly similar heel structure and shape to the NMDs and will save you soooo much of cash! There isn’t a massive difference in quality, as it is Zara after all, and you are paying a pretty good chunk on a pair of shoes. So if you are looking for sneaks to wear with almost everything you own, then Zara’s Black Embossed Leather Sneakers are your best bet.


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