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Save Vs Splurge: Unleash Your Inner Kitty With These Adorable Cat Slings

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“Why can you never find dog-related products?” — if your reaction is anything like my Managing Editor’s, well then, you’re probably a dogs-are-better-than-cats sort of person. It’s not my fault that felines are somehow taking over fashion now, is it?

Well, how can I not feature these uber adorable, super stylish, and trendy sling bags. Nowadays, nobody really wants to carry around a plain ol’ sling — a little bit of quirk is always welcome, especially when you need to add spunk to your ensemble.

These cat bags pretty much do all the fashionable work for you!


Ted Baker Splurge Bag_Hauterfly

Ted Baker Felinne Cat Leather Crossbody Bag (Rs 10,800 approx)

It’s an established fact that luxury designer label Ted Baker makes absolutely gorgeous bags. You’ve spotted them, lusted over them, and definitely added them to your wishlist — cat lover or not, you really need to bag this one, though.

But I actually love how just a combination of the cat silhouette and the minimalistic features of the feline, i.e. the whiskers and the nose, is channeled. The touch of gold against the leather background adds an elegant, feminine panache to a caricature that can be perceived as a tad bit kiddish.

Nobody is stopping you from splurging, and we definitely think that if you want to get a fun, quirky bag, then Ted Baker is a must-have. And if you’re a cat person, well, I really don’t think we need to sell the idea to you anymore.

ASOS Cat Bag_Save_Hauterfly

Asos Cat Velvet Cross Body Bag (Rs 1,500 approx.)

However, if you’re not ready to (or can’t afford) to splurge on a Ted Baker, then this one is perfect for you. This crossbody bag is a little more detailed in terms of the front-face and also has a velvet finish, as compared with the luxury bag.

It’s the full-face detailing that makes it a slightly more casual substitute for Ted Baker’s crossbody bag, in which the features of the cat are embroidered into the material. However, if you really want to get your grubs on a cat bag and want a saver too, Asos has got your kitty obsession covered.


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