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Sania Mirza Managed To Be A Functional Bride’s Sister AND Pull Off 4 Strong Looks For Anam Mirza’s Wedding. We Want To Know How

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You are never in need of introductions at a desi wedding. It is easy to spot the ‘Ladkiwale‘ from a distance because they are the ones who are usually running around on errands. Among these happy helpers are the ones who look like they have been sleep-deprived for years, which makes them the bride’s immediate family. The father has a constant perplexed expression on his face because let’s face it, even our dads can’t figure out what the hell is going on. The mothers are emotional and that one fabulously dressed female who is always by the bride’s side? THAT is the sister.

The bride’s sister is one of the most important people at a wedding. She is there for any and all kinds of hair or lehenga emergencies, sometimes to even just hold the nervous bride’s hand. She is also the one who is in the most number of photographs, after the bride herself. So she’s gotta have her style and makeup game on point. Another thing she needs to do is keep the bride happy and stress-free, which needs skill and precision. And one celebrity sister who managed to pull all this off beautifully is Tennis ace, Sania Mirza. Not only was this over-achiever the perfect bridesmaid but she also pulled off some fabulous looks at all the ceremonies. Somebody get the scorecards out cuz’ Sania just got the Game Point!


Since wearing red at the actual wedding can make aunties ‘see red’ unless you are the bride, the colour can be re-purposed for another event. Sania chose an applique red lehenga and smart black blouse for the Mehendi ceremony and we love the simple glamour of it.

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Ever since I saw the eggplant-hued Jayanti Reddy collection at the LFW Winter Festive runways, I have been entranced in their royal charm. My, perpetually broke self can’t afford this but hey, I now know that creating unusual colour combinations with your lehengas can be such a statement maker.


There is just one word that is enough to describe Sania’s wedding look for Anam’s big day…Opulent! The raw mango lehenga aired with exquisite bling from Bikaner based artisans, Razwada Jewels, is nothing less than sheer beauty. We are not worthy!


Sania toned it down with comparatively minimal accessories and silhouettes for the reception and yet looked drop-dead gorgeous. It is always a good call to save your most modern outfit for the last in order to help them translate to the after-party better. Love!

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Sania also managed to have a gala time with her adorable little munchkin Izhaan, we are ‘Awwing’!

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