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Sania Mirza Wore Fabulous Berets And Photobombed Pictures On This Fashionable Girls’ Trip. We Love Her!

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Celebrity vacations are a tricky. Some are understated, with celebs keeping it simple and effortless while livin’ it up at luxurious destinations. While others pull out all stops with their outfits, shopping sprees included. Having said that, it is quite rare to see a celeb absolutely nail a vacay theme, to the point that it is not even fair how good they look. Which is what Sania Mirza did with her Parisian girls’ trip!

The tennis ace has joined her sister, Anam Mirza, and gal pals on a bachelorette trip to Paris and these girls are serving us French fashion on a platter!

Paris In Plaid

A plaid suit is the most Parisian thing you can wear while you head out to see the Eiffel Tower! These structured suits have been a staple in french films, with the coolest characters wearing them. The only thing missing is a half-lit ciggie and Sania can channel the brooding archetypical protagonist who is about to say something very romantic!

Rocking That Beret

Fun Fact: The iconic beret hat was originally worn by the police and military, emerging first from Paris and Spain. They translated into the fashion industry as a form of protest staged by artists and intellectuals from these cultures.

Major props to Sania to going the extra mile and adding this cultural element to her vacay wardrobe. The gauche beret hat is a local fave. Dressing up in local garbs can very help vacationers feel more comfortable in a foreign land and a beret is the chicest thing one can start with!

The Dusty Trench

We are loving her black fitted maxi dress and dusty trench outfit. Paired with a Gucci belt and white Louis Vuitton, which we have been seeing everywhere lately. She’s also sporting some big hoops on this trip, the definitive sign of a fashionista who did her research.

Sania certainly has the happiest looking vacation pictures we have seen from a celeb. We are hoping for a similar vibe on our next holiday as well!

Tutus And Tagging

While we are at it, we want to give a big shout-out to Sania’s girls who looked so fly while sightseeing  the best of Paris. Especially, the tutu skirt on Anam, how cute is that! Paired up with a solid tee and neon sneakers, her ensemble is perfect to spend the day while look like a pretty little ballerina. We are stealing this look, Anam!

Check out some of the other fun moments from her Paris trip!

We think Sania is the best dressed Indian athlete out among her peers. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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