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Sabyasachi Gets Hate For Featuring Models With Cleavage. How Are Breasts Against Indian Culture?

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When you hear the name Sabyasachi, your mind immediately drifts to gorgeous bridal outfits tailor-made to celebrate women’s bodies. A Sabya lehenga or saree is so sought after by most to-be brides because of this one thing… it turns women into literal goddesses! One way that reputed Indian fashion house has managed to do that is with their fabulous designs, especially the carefully curated, immensely flattering, sexy blouses. It is exactly this that has warranted unfounded hate from netizens, who are calling his recent posts “vulgar” and “a bad representation of our culture”.

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Sabyasachi’s official Instagram page opened up to morning to outrageous comments on some of their recent posts.

The main detail people took an issue with was the cleavage on the models. One commenter said, “Why is model showing off so much of cleavage. Indian do love the deep neck and back cuts but not so much sir. Couldn’t the fashion be more subtle. Please do consider this while designing (sic)”. First of all, who made this person the representation of all things Indian culture? Are people serious? Have they not been to a sangeet party recently with pretty young women decked out in sexy lehengas and sarees? And so what if there’s a little cleavage. We have film stars draping their sarees in ways that is a disservice to the entire garment but people hoot and sing along to those songs. (We are looking at you, Disha Patani!)

This is not the first time that the designer was criticised for his artsy shoots and won’t be the last. The unhealthy obsession people have with Sabya’s concept art for his shoot and the models he uses is completely lost on us. Since when did he become the torchbearer for bharatiya sabhyata? if such a thing were to exist?  Countless other designers use this style to bring some edge to their clothes, and why not. They look so good. The best part is that the brand got flak for the same pictures they posted back in March. This only goes to show the mindless ranting people are accustomed to online, without having any knowledge about the brand’s aesthetic or design story.

Sabyasachi’s representation of bridal fashion has had a love/hate relationship with netizens for a while now. Back in March, the brand was called out for putting a plus-size bride on his page for a women’s day special post. The move was seen as pandering to a body positivity image, used just for that day.

In fact, PeeCee wore a Sabya blouse with a plunging neckline and we literally swooned. So, it’s just the Insta images that have people all riled up.

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Why is the cleavage still so offensive to us? Is it because it’s shown on a “bride”? Is cleavage on a plunging gown any supposed be okay but on a lehenga, too much? It’s all a little unnecessary, IMO!

And please, every woman has breasts and there’s nothing, nothing offensive about them.


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