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5 Ways To Be Unique With Your Republic Day Outfit Than Going With The Usual Saffron-White-Green

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The image of people clad in saffron-white-green ensembles of National holidays has been etched into every desi’s mind since childhood. Earlier, it was our teachers who would make us get creative with tricolour looks for school parades. Now it is society flag hosting gigs who have a similar theme and expect everyone to follow through. But if one is in need to make an appearance at a formal Republic Day soiree, one has to do more than the clichéd tricolour. There are more ways to showcase one solidarity with one’s country than an orange dupatta paired with white salwar kameez.

This is where we come in! Here are 5 ways you can be unique with your Republic Day style, none of which include going the usual tiranga style.

A Conscious Saree

Pioneers of the linen saree, Anavila boasts a wholesome decade of artisan collaborations sporting distinctive designs that are simple yet sweet. The label thrives on sustainable textiles and according to them, their soul lies in, “Women across regional, cultural and economic diversities are the ones who make us who we are. Be it the tribal artisan from a lesser-known village in Jharkand who works in her free time to create soulful textiles, or the one sitting in West Bengal and painting the waxed linen to create water like motifs on our batik sari. The wife of the weaver who nourishes supports and encourages the creator. The muse who never ceases to inspire and the customer who keeps coming back for more and pushes us to innovate and create. We thank you all for being a part of our journey this far and continuously inspiring us to innovate and create.”

A Pretty Lehenga

For the longest time, my go-to Republic Day outfit was any white salwar kurta that was somewhat wearable and did not have Holi stains from last year. Considering how I am expected to be at fancier places on Republic Day now that I am a grown up, I prepare for it. A thoughtful yet stylish ensemble is the key to my heart and I’ve got my sights on a pretty lehenga from Vedika M.

Each garment, in their extensive line of bright hues and fresh silhouettes, is carefully hand-painted and block printed at an in-house textile unit. The label follows a one-design-per-style philosophy, which means their designs are limited and one of a kind. How lovely!

Hauterfly Payal Khandwala Kurta

A Storyboard Garment

Payal Khandwala’s sharp lines, bold colours and statement prints are so distinctive that you can instantly spot one in a crowd. If you are not playing with tricolour this Republic Day, may we suggest some storytelling instead? To seek out quirky prints is somewhat of a habit of mine and Payal’s are dramatic yet minimal, which is perfect for a pre-Republic Day office event.

The attractive pieces from Payal’s collection are available to buy here.

A Touch Of Ayurveda

There might be no better way to show solidarity with one’s nation than to do more for their local crafts and sciences. Ayurganic by Lecaonet Hemant is a collection that exclusively uses GOTS certified cotton and is hand-treated with Ayurvedic recipes. The garments are permeated with special herbs and oils, ridding them of synthetic chemicals and toxic irritants. Wearing these clothes helps restore balance within the body and strengthens the immune system.  Talk about a healthy approach to one’s fashion habits!

Hauterfly Navy Blue Kurta

The Blue That Misses Out

The trope of going saffron-white-green on national holidays finds ground in educational institutions where it is mandatory to do so. But people tend to forget another rich hue that is associated with the Indian flag and that is the navy blue of the chakra. It is such a pretty colour and we know the perfect collection to pick a piece from. LOKA by Veerali Raveshia stocks some super cute indigo-hued embroidered and tasseled pieces that you can indulge in on a Sunday shopping spree!

You can get your hands on a LOKA piece online at Pernia’s Pop Up Shop and offline in multi-brand stores in major cities!


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