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10 Perfect Excuses To Buy New Shoes!

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If a genie granted me a wish (yes, the genie is on a budget, too), I would use it to buy a few hundred pairs of shoes. It has been said since time immemorial that a lady cannot have too many shoes, and this is true. Sneakers, ballerinas, wedges, heels, peep-toes, platforms, block heels — can we ever get enough of these beautiful creations? Nah! While you don’t really need an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, sometimes the guilt takes over and holds you ransom from purchasing that beauty you spotted in a store window. That moment can destroy you. Plus, since it is the new year and all, it is highly likely that you have already been through this situation or will surely be in the near future. To avoid this grave disaster, here are 10 excuses you can give, to both others and your conscience, on why it’s necessary to spend your moolah on new shoes!

PS: There’s no looking back after this!

Shoe Excuses_Regal Shoes_Hauterfly

1. My Closet Has Some Space

Your wardrobe has some space peeping out and it looks pretty sad when it’s empty. There is no place for negative space in your life! Fill it up with new shoes and let it smile.


Shoe Excuses_Regal Shoes_Hauterfly

2. But…They Were On Sale

Come on, this is a legit reason. If you get a gorgeous pair of shiny heels that are made for a princess, for half the price, you have to buy it — second thoughts. Regal shoes has many of these jaw-dropping pairs in their store, all year round at amazingly reasonable prices. So, chop, chop and shop!


Shoe Excuses_Regal Shoes_Hauterfly

3. Best Disguise For Ugly Feet 

Now, we ain’t saying that your feet aren’t pretty, but if you miss that pedicure appointment, they just look drained. What do you do if you have to go for an urgent date or meeting? You need to have a pair of closed shoes with you for such dire emergencies. Nobody wants to look at ugly feet.


Shoe Excuses_Regal Shoes_Hauterfly
4. The Outfit Is Too Blah

Sometimes your clothes are just too boring but you have no other option but to wear them. But even if your dress is mundane, a kickass pair of shoes can instantly transform your look. So, stock up for days when your outfit will ditch you. Trust me, shoes are your only bae.


  Shoe Excuses_Regal Shoes_Hauterfly

5. I Have Too Many Black Shoes…

…said no woman ever. Seriously, no one owns only one pair of black shoes or white or beige or red.


Shoe Excuses_Regal Shoes_Hauterfly

6. It Is Therapy

Shopping is therapeutic and shoe shopping is bliss. Having a bad day? Buy shoes. Someone made you cry? Make them buy you shoes. Hungry? Just buy shoes!


Shoe Excuses_Regal Shoes_Hauterfly

7. Nothing To Do On The Weekend

For those low-key weekends when you have nothing to do, except lie in bed and stare at the ceiling, go shopping. Online shoe shopping is a little tricky as you don’t know if what you have bought will fit you or will look as good as it did in the images. So, make your Saturday by visiting the Regal shoe store and picking out what suits your style best. Weekend well spent!


Shoe Excuses_Regal Shoes_Hauterfly

8. More Parties, Less Shoes

If you are a party animal who’s never free on the weekend, you definitely *need* to buy a new pair. Obviously, you can’t repeat the same heels again and again, right?


Shoe Excuses_Regal Shoes_Hauterfly

9. All The Old Ones Are Damaged

Story of our lives — we pick out the perfect outfit, accessories, and bag, only to find the buckle or the heel of our shoes broken. Avoid this crisis by always having an extra pair around. Make sure you keep up with your regular visits to Regal to keep your stash updated. Can’t go wrong, can you?


Shoe Excuses_Regal Shoes_Hauterfly

10. When There Are Great Shoe Brands

There are amazing shoes in the market and if you don’t buy it, they will just go to waste. With brands like Regal calling out your name, housing amazing collections, shoes that suit every style, budget and fashionista, it’s a crime to not buy new shoes, no?


Regal Shoes Inpost Sale_Hauterfly

So what are you waiting for?! Head over to your closest Regal Shoes showroom and pick up a few snazzy pairs.


This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Regal Shoes.


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