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We Know Rani Mukerji Doesn’t Want A Stylist But OMG, She Is In Desperate Need Of One

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Rani Mukerji is one of the most prolific actresses working in the industry right now. The powerhouse performer has moved on from character-driven films like Black (2005) to more socially-inclined films in recent times like the Mardaani franchise. The actress has been at the forefront of many women-centric films, playing the role of not just the protagonist but also a producer for many such projects. She is also brazenly outspoken about Bollywood’s current culture of pampering its stars with image consultants which results in actors always staying behind a filter even when moments demand them showing vulnerability.

The actress was famously been quoted in an interview last year, saying “It’s the easiest to be an actress in today’s day because the actors are pampered so much — there are ten people in their teams roaming with the actors everywhere! We never used to have that. I feel uncomfortable with that. In fact, I keep telling people from my team to not flock around me because I am not used to it. We have just been doing things ourselves. Today, there is so much help that the actresses get. From make-up artists, stylists and physical trainers, security, to managers, it’s an entire bunch of people telling you what you have to say. Actors are pampered a lot, but back in the day, we used to do our work and go back home”.

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While we think that it is quite refreshing for an actress to do her own thing when it comes to fashion, we think Rani needs a helping hand right about now. The actress stepped out in a glittery pantsuit for Umang 2020, which drew many stylish A-listers, in an ensemble that we can only deem to be ‘disastrous’. This look is blinding us, totally unflattering on Rani and that waistband showing is giving us major anxiety. This single outfit is enough for us to browse for stylists who can rebuild her style and we are doing it already.

An Outsider Look

We are not suggesting that Rani shouldn’t rely on herself to put together an outfit, but a stylist is much more than someone who tells you what to wear. They take your already existing style quotient and refine it a bit. They either make it aesthetically pleasing or bring in details that one personally likes. For instance, Rani is already attuned with high-fashion, given her love for labels like Gucci and Sabyasachi, it only becomes about how to best wear it. The Valentino heart dress Rani sported for Mardaani 2 promotions was totally adorable, and yet, could have been styled much better.

Keeping Up With The Times

In an interview back in 2017, Rani confessed “I understand the pressure that actors go through today because they are constantly judged. They are constantly judged even when they are going on a flight. Earlier, when you had to go to the airport, you prefer comfortable clothes especially after the security systems became so strict, people wanted to wear slippers and go but today you cannot imagine anyone wearing slippers and going on their flight because then people will say ‘Look at her or him, they are wearing slippers. Everybody is getting judged. There are stylists who dress you up for the airport and I find it hilarious.’”

But the unfortunate truth of the present is that celebs are seen in a harsh light. India’s global appeal has grown over the years with our movies reaching wider audiences and global platforms. As such, wouldn’t it be easier to just hire a stylist to get the fashion element out of the way and focus on just being a badass female figure on screen? Plus, we are craving to see Rani come full circle with stylish appearances off-screen, given how is a fashion icon for many 90s girls dreaming about sequinned mini dresses (with a handsome Rahul in tow, of course!).

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