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Priyanka Chopra’s Grammy Dress Has Sparked A Debate About Body Shaming Vs Fashion Critiquing And There’s A Difference

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It is difficult to be an individual with opinions in a time when ‘cancel culture’ has become such an unavoidable phenomenon. In layman’s terms, ‘cancel culture’ refers to online spectators ‘canceling’ a person, usually a celebrity, for sharing an unpopular opinion. Deepika Padukone’s Chhapaak was boycotted by audiences who disagreed with her stance on CAA-NRC and vowed to never watch her movies again. While the drama usually dies down because people have shockingly low attention spans, it becomes a form of witch-hunt that a person is put through during that time.

It doesn’t just apply to celebrities, as someone whose career depends on writing about fashion, I have had my fair share of online hate as well. I have been called names like “sick”, “jobless” and “disgusting” just because I commented on a well-known celebrity’s badly-styled athleisure look. People are quick to jump to conclusions; which is usually the extremely negative version of the actual story at hand. In an opinionated editorial, there is a thin line between fashion critiquing and downright shaming. Being in the industry for many years, I have learned how to walk that line. You have to, because believe it or not, not every journalist is out there to get blood and collect CTs! But even then, people can misunderstand your sentiments to a ridiculous level and the recent fuss around Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ Grammys dress has gotten out of hand.

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Priyanka’s Ralph & Russo custom deep plunge gown caused quite a stir with people in fashion and outside of it. While we at Hauterfly spoke in detail about how the silhouette was completely wrong for her, others commented on the style of the gown, the risque nature of it, and how this is a small misstep in PeeCee’s reign as a red carpet icon.

A sentiment, that was shared by ace designer Wendell Rodricks, who commented about the dress by saying, “Priyanka Chopra Jonas nailed it at the Grammys 2020. Truly the bold and beautiful in this Ralph & Russo couture fringed gown where the neckline goes all the way from LA to Cuba. Love it”. This incredibly cheeky dig at PeeCee’s dress, and another scathing review of the gown, prompted actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthi to accuse the designer of body-shaming; a view that was shared by many others.

Wendell came back with a retort and while we don’t agree to everything he said in the post (grannies in minis are cute and nobody can tell them otherwise), we do understand the distinction that he made between body-shaming and fashion critiquing. Even our own audience got misdirected with our opinion on Priyanka’s styling. One user commented, “you guys just don’t know how to pinpoint the good things about people but rather just drag them down to your level of thinking. Bloody let the celebrities be 🙄 if you can’t say something positive about them don’t say anything at all. You’re not going to lose out on anything. So damn judgemental😒”. We also had people spouting ridiculous takes on the situation, with one comment exclaiming, “Also – does she ALWAYS need to show so much skin? You got the man PC, now stay classy.”.

The fact that some readers today decide to throw logic out the window and instead use these situations to further their own agenda is frustrating. Talking about a celebrity’s outfit does not mean we are hating on them or shaming them, it just means that we have an opinion on the styling. It’s not that complicated, you guys!

And there has to be a difference between not liking her dress or the person’s outfit and shaming their body. We love Priyanka with her curves and everything, but like everyone, we are allowed to say that that dress did not a damn thing for her. So let’s calm down, and call a spade a spade and a bad dress just that – a bad dress.

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