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Priyanka Stepped Out In An Outfit That’s Going To Make You Feel Super Comfy!

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Notice how nightwear suddenly became a thing? RiRi walking out in a slip dress, Deepika in a pyjama shirt? But it isn’t sudden at all. Stepping out in your jammies is a ’90s trend that we have spotted on and off since then.

Recently, Piggy Chops was even spotted in a pyjama-looking ensemble by Sanchita. Now the thing with this trend is that it can go either way — a stunning fashion statement that will turn heads, or a really bad fashion decision (which will, coincidentally, also turn heads).

Not looking like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed, Priyanka’s latest look is actually quite the statement and will definitely make you do a double take.

At first glance, you’ll probably wonder why this vivacious diva would be caught dead in her PJs? However, if you look at her a second time, you will notice that she is wearing a pair of heels with the ensemble.

Overall, she does carry it off pretty decently and the vibrant print doesn’t make it feel like nightwear in its entirety — maybe it’s the external house-coat type jacket that adds a fashion-y element to the look. However, the trousers could have been a little more snug, just to bring that extra style factor in.

If you’re looking to wear something similar but don’t want to push the “sleepiness” to this extent, then pick elements of the pyjama ensemble and pair them with something more uptight. Take the shirt and wear it with skinny denims, or flaunt the trousers with a halter neck blouse or crop top.

We’d suggest replacing the block-heels with stilettos rather than casual flats, mainly because the pyjama look will then literally come off as a set of jammies.

Don’t assume that PC’s look cannot be replicated in your everyday wear — simply get creative! And if anyone asks whether you’ve jumped straight out of bed, well then just say, “Yes, all the celebs are doing it, so why not?”



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