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Priyanka Chopra’s Dior Show Behind-The-Scenes Videos Offered Us Delicious Insights Into Her Dress And Makeup

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The basic necessities of putting up a fashion show are simple… a runway, some snazzy outfits and sassy models who can strike a pose. Which makes me wonder, how is it that contemporary designers manage to stand out with their shows? With a large number of fashion houses and ateliers participating in fashion weeks, how does a Chanel stand out? Well, every year the biggest names in fashion turn their showcases into an event. One of them is a Dior Show, known for their intricate set designs, this particular fashion show has become a cultural thing.

So how do you get ready for one of the prime events of the Paris Fashion Week? We did get a sneak peek when Priyanka Chopra Jonas decided to head on over there with a handsome Nick Jonas in tow!

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For her outfit at Dior’s Fall 2019 event, Priyanka chose an emerald green Dior pleated gown with a logo belt. She was joined by Wonder Woman Gal Gadot,  and the likes of Elizabeth Moss and Shailene Woodley in the coveted front row.  In a post show conversation with Vogue, Priyanka revealed, “There is such an elevated sophistication not only in the clothing, but in the concepts and creative of the presentations themselves,”. She also said, “It was cool to see how [Dior] drew inspirations from elements of nature—fire, air, water—and the feminist artist Penny Slinger.”

Word has it that Priyanka broke a nail right before the show. We can see her manicurist hard at work fixing it! PeeCee confessed that she was in Paris right in the midst of a scorching heatwave and chose her dress according to the weather. Such a Bombay girl she is at heart! She confessed, “My fashion is as moody as I am, and any time I’m in Paris, I tend to gravitate toward super simple and feminine pieces,” she said. “I loved the colour of the dress I wore to the show, and the elegance of its simplicity. It was perfect and made me feel beautiful—at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.”

Priyanka and Nick were also reported to be fashionably late to the show. A long 45 minutes after the show was scheduled to start, the power couple made an entrance which distracted the rest of the attendees. They came there fresh from attending the festivities of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ wedding, and we can only imagine they’d be quite rushed in trying to get from one venue to another! About her time in Paris, Priyanka said, “It’s crazy that it doesn’t start getting dark until 10:00 p.m, I love sitting at a hotel lounge or cafe with friends and family watching the world go by!”

PeeCee is right now spending a romantic vacay with Nick somewhere in Italy. We wonder what other glamorous events she will be soon jetting off to. We just hope she keeps the BTS moments flowing because they are a lot of fun and we are hooked.


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