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Kate Middleton’s Outfits On The Pakistan Tour Is Desi Done Right. None Of Those Garish, Token Fashion. Phew!

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The British royal family has long been associated with the influential women who are either born or marry into it. The list of powerful women who etched their names in history from the family is prolific. They are well-versed in foreign policies as they are fashion, they straddle the two effortlessly. One of the greatest fashion icons of the 21st century was Diana, Princess of Wales, who also managed to shake the family to its core, all while wearing fabulous gowns.

It seems that Princess Diana’s penchant for being stylish all the time was passed down to her sons as well. Prince William and Harry have both married women who are fashion icons in their own right. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has collaborated with the best in fashion and given us countless ensembles deserving of an actual princess. And Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is like a breath of fresh air with her modern and smart silhouettes, all of which sell out hours soon after she’s worn them.

Another glimpse of Kate’s chameleon-like fashion sense was seen on her official tour of Pakistan, where she decided to wear clothes by local designers. We gotta say, it’s totally charming to see an actual real-life princess wear pretty salwar suits!

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Will and Kate’s 5-day Pakistan tour has been described as “showcasing Pakistan as it is today — a dynamic, aspirational and forward-looking nation”. On her trip, Kate has decided to keep her outfits traditional, yet not pandering to people by overdoing it. Her salwar kameez paired with Prince William’s tailored sherwanis is such an elegant show of ethnic wear, without looking out of place. Her outfits seamlessly combine her personal demure style with the celebratory nature of a beautifully embroidered kurta, we are so impressed!

Kate’s choice of outfits has also drawn comparisons with Princess Diana’s iconic looks, which is not a first. Her blue tunic from Catherine Walker reminded us of the many collabs Diana had with the label as well. Kate curated her outfits from Pakistani designers like Maheen Khan and labels like Bonanza Satrangi. Even while not wearing a local stitch, Kate alluded to Pakistani craft with her accessories. The glittery green Jenny Packham gown was paired with drop earrings from London store O’Nitaa, which sources clothes and accessories from India and Pakistan.

Will and Kate’s classic outfits are such a contrast to the visits Asian countries have had from foreign dignitaries. The memories of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family going OTT with their desi garbs is still fresh. We aren’t surprised by Kate’s well out together suitcase for her Pakistan tour. She is known to do extensive research before going to a country, collaborating the local designers who are deeply rooted in the culture. Back in 2016, Kate arrived in Mumbai during the couple’s tour of India and Bhutan in a signature printed dress by Anita Dongre.

The Pakistani media are equally impressed by the royal visit. Laaleen Sukhera, a Pakistani writer and fashion critic based in Lahore, noted that Kate is dressed like “a contemporary, urbane Pakistani woman, classic rather than trendy”. Preach!

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