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The PomPom Dress That Tatiana Is Beating The Heat In!

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As a fashion writer, you’d think that when it comes to keeping up with trends, I would sacrifice comfort. But that isn’t the case with me. A sneakers-over-heels sort of girl, I would pick comfort over looking overtly fashionable any day. How can you look stylishly confident, if you feel like an awkward turtle constantly squirming in something that makes you feel uncomfortable, right?

With that being said, when I can look great as well as feel ultra comfortable is when you have me sold, blindly. And I think that this dress is one of those instances. Zara’s pompom dress is getting me summer ready — both in terms of being on trend, along with being uber comfortable. So usually during the summers, I feel like giving up anything that will even remotely stick to my body and make me feel like a furnace, which means my jeans are given a mini summer break (whenever I can slip out of the chance to wear them).

Zara Short Dress with Embroidery and PomPoms

An airy dress like this is exactly the kind I need to beat the heat, keep cool, and also look a whole lot of stylish. The blue gingham gives it a nice retro touch, while the embroidered neckline along with the pompom tassels just give it that quirky, fun vibe any 20-something would want to wear. When I see this dress, all I think about is how accessible its ventilation would be from every side! Which, for me, seals the deal, especially for summer.

Since I am updating my wardrobe and making it more weather appropriate, this Zara dress would be a perfect replacement for those tight fitted bodycon dresses!

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