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Baishali’s Feeling Boho In This Tribal Neckpiece

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Pops of colour maketh an outfit — wise words by…well, me: Queen B *grin*. But seriously, I’m all for all-black ensembles — they are slimming, after all. But I always need a pop of colour to make my goth look stand out. Whether it’s by way of my shoes, belt, or accessories. And of course, my lippie too.

I recently went binge-shopping (yes. there’s no other way to describe that retail therapy session), and one of the things I picked up is a cold-shoulder black playsuit — it’s sexy and cute in equal parts. It’s what I’m wearing this New Year’s Eve. I got my black sky-high heels ready too, and looking for the right pop to complete the look. And then I found it.



So colourful, isn’t it? I love the boho-vibe of this neckpiece — it’s got beads, a feather, tassles, chains, the works! And really, name the colour and this one’s got it — I love it! Given how black the rest of my outfit is, this is the perfect add-on for the pop of bright colours I need…no?

And you know what, I’m not going to be wearing this tribal necklace only with all-black looks. I can pick any solid-hued dress and monotoned outfit, and it’ll work just as well. Haven’t we told you how much we love multi-tasking products? Hell, I would even use this to decorate the bookshelf in my living room…I know my flatmate would love it!

So I’m off to try on my NYE look. I’ll be sure to send you my selfies if you promise me yours! Are we going to be necklace buddies?

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