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The Bangle That Is Channeling Japleen’s Inner Badass

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This season it’s all about minimalism, whether it is with your style or your home decor. And I’m fascinated by the whole concept of ‘less is more’. Currently, I am obsessing over everything minimal yet makes a statement. A classy ring, a boho necklace, or an eye-catching sling bag, it’s all about that one piece that grabs all the attention. And what does this job perfectly is a bracelet. Nothing is more beautiful than an elegant band on your wrist that does all the talking.



This Pipa Bella Cuff Bangle does exactly that. I mean, literally. Going all out, this statement bangle with the words “Blink If You Want Me” emblazoned across it is subtle yet sexy. Silver plated with a nice glossy finish, it is made of all the right things that appeal to me. The heart cutout design at both ends adds that much-needed cuteness to break the plain font. Saturday night party scenes or official brunch meeting, this piece works perfectly for every occasion.

Definitely a first for me, my friends are going to go wide-eyed with disbelief when they see me sporting this wrist candy. And you know what? I am going to wear it with confidence and wow everyone.

P.S: Blink all you want, you ain’t getting me!

SHOP NOW: Pipa Bella Letter Cuff Silver Bangle (Rs 499)


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