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Zahra’s Checklist: Meet Summer’s Most Unexpected Fashion Trend!

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Every year, florals are a big trend for summer — be it bold botanical prints or micro blossoms in contrasting colours. But one zingy tropical fruit that’s been giving the flowery trend a run for its money the past few seasons is the humble pineapple. Finding favour in both fashion and interiors, this cool fruit has been popping up everywhere from clutches and tech cases to clothing and wallpapers.

Not that I’m complaining — I LOVE this trend! So much so, that in celebration I even had a virgin piña colada for brunch yesterday. Pineapples are pretty much the boldest, most badass looking fruits out there, no wonder it’s such an aesthetically pleasing micro trend.

Keep scrolling to shop 17 super cool products decorated with pineapples:

Zara Pineapple Necklace_Hauterfly

Zara Pineapple Necklace (Rs 2,290)

Zara Pineapple Minaudiere_Hauterfly

Zara Pineapple Minaudiere (Rs 1,990)

Asos Sequinned Pineapple Tee_Hauterfly

Asos Sequinned Pineapple Tee (Rs 1,245 approx)

SkinnyDip Pineapple Crossbody Bag_Hauterfly

Skinnydip Crossbody Bag (Rs 2,883 approx)

Asos Pineapple Ring_Hauterfly

Asos Pineapple Ring (Rs 480 approx)

Rare Pineapple Swimsuit_Hauterfly

Rare Pineapple Embellished Swimsuit (Rs 2,114 approx)

Daisy Street Pineapple Playsuit_Hauterfly

Daisy Street Pineapple Print Shorts (Rs 1,153 approx)

SkinnyDip Pinepapple iPhone 6 Case_Hauterfly

Skinnydip iPhone 6 Case (Rs 1,395)

Daily Objects Pineapple iPhone 6 Case_Hauterfly

Daily Objects iPhone 6 Case (Rs 999)

Daily Objects Leather Sleeve For Macbook Air

Daily Objects Leather Sleeve For Macbook Pro (1,999)

SkinnyDip Pineapple Bag_Hauterfly

Skinnydip Pineapple Box Bag (Rs 2,235 approx)

Next Pineapple Print Top_Hauterfly

Next Pineapple Print Top (Rs 2,190)

The Label Life Pineapple Jar_Hauterfly

The Label Life Pineapple Jar (Rs 3,890)

The Label Life Pineapple Wall Decals_Hauterfly

The Label Life Pineapple Wall Decals (Rs 1,950)

Chumbak Pineapple Paradise Mug_Hauterfly

Chumbak Pineapple Paradise Mug (Rs 295)

Manish Arora For Amrapali Ring_Hauterfly

Manish Arora For Amrapali Relo Ring (Rs 3,050)

Manish Arora For Amrapali Eiza Earrings_Hauterfly

Manish Arora For Amrapali Elza Earrings (Rs 6,250)


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