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Parineeti Chopra’s Promotional Outfits Are Fun And Experimental But We Don’t Love Them

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Parineeti Chopra has her schedule filled up to the brim for the next couple of weeks! The always cheerful actress is out and about promoting her new film Jabariya Jodi with Sidharth Malhotra. The film has generated much hype already due to the leads’ undeniably adorable chemistry on screen and the humourous content of the story. While we do love a good laugh, actresses doing promotional junkets mean that we get to see them dressed to the max in some amazing outfits. Parineeti is quite the experimental star when it comes to fashion and we are quite excited for her looks; though some of her early ones have been a bit underwhelming.

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For a press event celebrating their song launch, Parineeti showed up in a pastel green pleated and high neck dress from Dhruv Kapoor.

The dress is cute, we love those rolled-up sleeves! Our only qualm with this outfit is that she looks uncomfortable with the dress. Her stance is rather closed, a thing we would do if our dress was short and threatened to expose our underwear to other people. On the whole, the fit, the length and the colour are underwhelming and we can’t say we love it.

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After that rather basic outfit, Parineeti turned it up a notch with this interesting ensemble. She repeated the label, this one was also from Dhruv Kapoor and it featured a checkered blazer and a polka-dotted lungi slip dress from fresh label Reik.

Who doesn’t love a good polka dot moment! Parineeti loves herself some prints and this dress looks very smart on her. The checkered jacket with bell sleeves is a good addition to the dress, although, the fit is throwing us off. The dress seems to get lost in the jacket and honestly we like that the most about this outfit. Perhaps a smaller jacket, with an altered fit, and a BELT would’ve turned this around. We can’t stress enough the power a belted jacket!

The outfits are pretty cool on their own, but any chance you get to avoid getting ketchup on the expensive jacket’s sleeves is a chance we should all take!


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