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This Korean Illustrator Is Producing Magic With Paint!

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The world is an amazing place with too many talented people to count! One such gem, who is basically proving to be a creative maestro, is Jaesuk Kim. He uses water colours, yeah the ones we used in school, to make beautiful fashion illustrations. Based out of Korea, he has taken the internet by storm with his awesomesauce talent! Check it out for yourself.


His Instagram videos have garnered a lot of attention, and frankly, we’re not surprised. The sheer beauty of these videos (just under a minute, BTW) makes you go WOW. He has managed to make techniques like paint smearing, water droplets, or simple paint dots look so effortlessly simple that it is actually unbelievable! One of his projects, the susu girls (please, don’t get any ideas), has made him a famous illustrator. He designed bags, each of which came along with a significant female character — long legged, small pouty lips, and short haired, with a playful and fashion-forward attitude. This soon caught the attention of big brands like Bloomingdales, Bvlgari, and Dolce & Gabbana, among others, and this small-town guy turned into an overnight success.

One of the techniques he uses, the paint smear, has currently become a trend on our favourite social networking site, Instagram. Now this is not just because of him, but also because these videos are oddly soothing. Who would have imagined that mixing paint could someday become an addiction! Oh internet and its wonders! People all over the world are taking it to the site to share their videos and are gaining tons of traction too. TBH, it takes a while to sink in, but give it a few seconds and you will be sure to press play, over and over again! You don’t believe me? Check out the posts below!

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