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These Jungle-Themed Slip-Ons Are Going To Be Aindrila’s Summer Staples

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Oh, my love for shoes! It’s an endless battle that I lose Every. Single. Time. I can safely say that my shoe closet has surreptitiously overrun my clothes wardrobe — just to give you an overview of the relationship I share with my soles. So every time there’s a new collection that’s launched, before I even attack the clothes racks, it’s the shoe section that draws me in, without even me trying too hard.

So when I heard about Rahul Mishra’s collab with Oceedee shoes, thanks to the influx of information, aka, Facebook, I had to check it out. As I’d predicted, this’d be a splurge I wouldn’t be able to resist. And so it happened. I have pre-ordered myself a pair and am all ready to jump into summer with some sole style.

This beautiful pair of white (colour of the season, ladies!) slip-on pair is inspired by the rainforest theme, and totally on trend. Mishra’s handwoven embroidery comes to life in this pair of leather shoes and the jungle theme, which has been dominating international runways for SS 17, is inspired from Henri Rousseau’s art form.



What I totally love about this pair is that the design is kitsch yet elegant, and something I can totally see myself wearing to work. Style statement made easy. Since it’s a slip-on, it’ll be comfortable and, as far as I’m concerned, I ain’t gonna leave any opportunity to flaunt this exquisite art work.

While this particular pair’s delivery will only start from March 16, I can’t wait to imagine how many heads this pair will turn. The detailing, the colour combination, and the fact that it’s a hassle-free slip-on make this pair quite irresistible, don’t you think?

Although the shoe doesn’t come cheap (it’s almost 12k), hey, isn’t it always better to invest in that one solid item, rather than going on a mindless splurge with things that are cheaper but won’t last you too long? Always think long-term, my friend, and you’d know why this one-of-a-kind Rahul Mishra design is so lust worthy.

I’m all set to step into summer in style. How about you?

SHOP NOW: Jungle Theme Slip-on, Rs. 11,999


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