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Nusrat Jahan Issued A Fatwa For Wearing A Saree. Can We Just Let These Women Wear What They Want?

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Newly elected MPs Nusrat Jahan and Mimi Chakraborty are proof that no matter the achievement, women will always be judged by their looks. The Bengali actresses have become internet fodder for trolls who love to hate them. Most of this hate has been directed towards their appearance and not politics. While both women have been ace at responding to them, a recent issue has taken the trolling too far.

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According to recent reports, a section of Deoband-based clerics issued a ‘fatwa’ (diktat) against the first time TMC MP from West Bengal. After missing the original dates on account of her wedding, Nusrat took her oath a few days later. She did so in an elegant yet simple saree, sindoor, mangalsutra and many other ethnic elements that newly married Indian women are known to wear.

The clerics have laid claim that Nusrat disrespected the religion of Islam by marrying into the Jain religion. They also called her saree clad look “un-Islamic”. They elaborated, “Muslims can only marry Muslims and are only allowed to bend before Allah. Islam has no place for Vande Matram, mangalsutra and vermilion and they are against the religion,” as said by Mufti Asad Kasami of Jamia Shaikh-ul Hind.

Nusrat, who is by now no stranger to these kinds of regressive comments said, “Paying heed or reacting to comments made by hardliners of any religion only breeds hatred and violence, and history bears testimony to that.” She further went on to say, “I represent inclusive India…which is beyond the barriers of caste, creed and religion. As much as I respect all religions I still remain a Musli and none should comment on what I choose to wear. Faith is beyond attire.”

Nusrat and Mimi have been under the harsh lens of the orthodox patriarchy of prevalent in our country. Regardless of their politics, the women have had to constantly defend their sartorial choices, while trying to make it a non-issue. They were shamed online for wearing “western” outfits on their first day at the Parliament. Now, Nusrat is being dragged through the mud for wearing a saree. Is there anything these women can do right in the eyes of these people? While we don’t really care for their views, we wish they’d just shut up. It’s boring and exhausting to follow these trivial issues!

We have a feeling that the trolls behind Nusrat and Mimi’s constant hate have missed one point… we know what they are doing. It is clear as day that these “noises” on the internet and news channels hope to distract us from real problems.  And going by the reaction we have seen from the younger population, they know what’s up as well. Nobody is entitled to make stupid comments about what women wear, especially based on their religion.

Nusrat Jahan and Mimi Chakraborty deserve a break from being constantly attacked in this fashion. Let them do their job and leave the conversation about clothes where it belongs… anywhere but in the Parliament!


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