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Nushrat Bharucha Doesn’t Care For Trolls Who Attacked Her For That Risque Slit Dress. We Lover Her Attitude

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Okay, we are going to say it, Nushrat Bharucha is a total hottie and it is not fair to us mere mortals! The dusky beauty is well aware of how to incorporate her sensuality into her styling and uses it perfectly to her advantage. I love how she uses the power of a deliciously fitted silhouette to turn even the simplest of looks into something you can wear to a sexy party and garner compliments all night. I mean, apart from her and Disha Patani, we don’t really see our fashion girls push the envelope on sultry styling; most of them playing it safe at home and only blossoming on international red carpets instead.

Having said that, being so fearless with your clothes can come with unwarranted trolling and criticism. Addressing a few in a recent interview, Nushrat spoke in length about the emerald green high slit Yousef Akbar gown she wore to the Filmfare Awards Curtain Raiser. “I think any choice you make and if it resonates with people or it kind of makes heads turn I guess, I don’t know how to say that (smiles)… but the fact that they are praising and liking it is really giving me a pat on the back because it makes me feel like what I like, I’m able to find a connection in a certain audience where they like to see me like that as well and I’m probably experimenting right. It just gives me a lot of more confidence to kind of do more such looks, to kind of push the envelope where I feel it and where I would like to”, she elaborated.

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On Her Green Dress

When asked if she was nervous before donning the dress, Nushrat replied, “No, I wasn’t nervous actually. I think I knew very well as to what I was wearing and how I needed to carry myself, what was the right kind of walk or pose or just to be very careful as to not… so I knew it. I don’t think I was nervous. I have done songs like Chote Chote Peg where my slits were equally high and I have danced in it in a studio with so many people around. I feel at some point, as an artist, you got to lose certain inhibitions and just be aware and sure of how you are carrying yourself. Once you have that confidence, nervousness just automatically kind of takes a back seat. So I was not nervous but I was very aware of how I’m being pictured and how I’m carrying the outfit”.

On Trolls

When questioned about what she thought about the trolling, Nushrat said, “You know today social media is at such a boom and it’s not that we didn’t anticipate. It’s chaotic really, we don’t have a structure in it, and we don’t have control over it. And rightly so, I mean today everybody’s entitled to have a point of view and opinion. So there are people who like it and there are who don’t like it. Those who don’t like it definitely have the right to voice their opinions and say that ‘we don’t like it’. And I respect everyone’s opinions on it, absolutely fine no problem. Just like I would like my opinion and voice respected as well. The fact that I’m wearing an outfit like this is also a voice of mine saying ‘this is who I want to be and this is what I want to do’ and I would like that to be respected. So honestly, I don’t get affected. I don’t even read any of the trolls and comments because I do what makes me, me and I put myself out there. It’s totally your right to like it or not like it, that’s your opinion completely”. Smart!

On Her Personal Style Statement

Nushrat did elaborate on her personal style statement and approach to fashion by saying, “For me, style and fashion have always been an extension of me. I think it kind of expresses who and what I’m feeling and what I’m about actually because people can see you from what you are wearing and get a certain sense of your character, personality, your state of mind, who you are, what you like. For me, that’s honestly what I pick from an outfit if I wear it and if I feel me in it or I feel amazing in it, I will choose it, pick it and wear it. There are some outfits that really work well on some other people and they might not work well on me. I think I have to be aware of what will not work on me. So that is one thing I’m quite sure of. So when I try it, I know instantly that this is not something that I’m going to be able to carry, so I don’t wear it. But something fits as nicely as the Filmfare outfit that I wore, I totally would wear it.”

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Nushrat will be next seen in the social black comedy film Chhalaang directed by Hansal Mehta and starring Rajkummar Rao. It is set to release on 13th March 2020 worldwide.

It’s Just Another Day Of Bollywood Boring Us With Its Fashion At The Star Screen Awards



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