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Zahra Is Kickstarting Her Fitness Regime With These Chic AF Trainers

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As is the norm, we celebrate all things fitness in the new year. It’s a tried and tested way to get back into the groove of a healthier lifestyle, especially after the heavy indulges of the fag end of the year. All those parties and weddings you attended in November and December? It’s time to bust all those calories you packed in without guilt. It’s ok to indulge, but it’s equally important to not let yourself go completely.

So my 2017 resolution is to up my fitness game to my tennis-playing college days. Now the goal here isn’t to be skinny — it’s to be healthy, happy, toned, and fit. And if that means going back to my least favourite place on the planet — i.e. the gym — a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! But here’s the good thing: a fitness regime doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sign up for a gym membership and do something you don’t like. For me — even at my fittest playing district-level tennis back in college — I never enjoyed working out in the gym. I preferred running 20 laps around the tennis court in the blazing hot sun than being couped up indoors with other Sweaty Bettys.

And so I’ve decided to mix up my fitness game with different approaches and goals. I’m going to start running to build endurance (because really, it’s just nicer to pound the pavement in the open air than on a treadmill indoors), I’m going to also get to a gym a few times a week to work on strength training and toning (that loose skin needs some tightening and those muscles need the conditioning!), and also try a bit of yoga to work on overall strength and flexibility. Yes, I know it seems like a lot and kinda wishful, but hey, the only thing stopping me from doing all this is myself.

But then I was stuck with the dilemma of finding the perfect pair of shoes that were versatile enough to help with all these activities, because ain’t nobody got the time (or money!) to buy different shoes for different things!



Nike Free RN Flyknit Running Shoes


So doing my research, I finally zeroed in on the Nike Free RN Flyknit as my shoe of choice for all my fitness goals. Because darling, your kicks matter. A good pair of trainers aren’t just for making you look fantastic in your gym gear. If you’re not wearing the right shoes, your feet, your hips, your knees, your gait — all of these things can take a hit and go awry and trust me you don’t want that.

The great thing about these Nikes? They’re SOOOOO comfortable to wear. Literally hugging the contours of your foot like a sock, the high-tech mesh uppers allow you to hit the road for a run from day one as if you’ve been wearing them for weeks. You know what this means, don’t you? Zero breaking in time and no blisters from new shoes. Win!

One of the lightest trainers I’ve ever come across, these shoes allow you to sprint fast and firm on your daily run, yet provide serious support and a super snug fit that moves with you. The comfortable cushioning negates the impact of running and allows for a super-soft landing. Plus they’re perfect for gym workouts and/or bending into a few yoga poses while you’re out and about in the great outdoors. And the final plus that had me at hello? The multiple colourways, which make them great to wear with all your fashionable athleisure clothing as well!

Did I — or did I not — tell you these kicks are amazingly versatile?

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